Education Abroad & International Partnerships

Why Study Abroad? 

Top 10 Reasons

  1. It’s now or never!  When else in your lifetime will you ever be able to take off for a summer, a semester, or a year to experience living in another culture?

  2. It doesn’t have to cost more than staying right here at BGSU. Sometimes it can be even cheaper!            
  3. Experience learning something new.  You might be able to take courses we don’t have at BGSU and enhance your major or minor. 

  4. Learn in a new way and learn new ways to think and do things.  Learn through experience, not just books. 

  5. Prepare yourself to compete in the global economy by learning important career skills.  You will hone your critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, flexibility and other important skills you can put on your resume.

  6. Find yourself or lose yourself.  You will learn who you are.  You will experience personal growth in many ways.  While you learn about another culture you will also learn what it means to be an American.

  7. Gain cultural competence and expand your world view. You might even learn a foreign language! 

  8. Make friends from all over the world.

  9. Fulfill the International Perspectives course for your General Education requirements.    

  10. Travel to interesting places. It is fun. It is different. It is exciting!

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