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A growing demand exists for Americans to become more familiar with Asia in business, journalism, government, education, information technology and service. In the age of global economy and satellite communication, the Pacific rim nations have become America’s close partners in multinational business, diplomacy and cultural exchange. Asia, the most populated region of the world, has developed some of the world’s fastest and most productive economies.

BGSU is one of the few Ohio universities that offer an Asian Studies major leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. Students gain a broad knowledge of the culture and societies of East Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia; an in-depth knowledge of one of the East Asian countries (Japan, China, and Korea), and the basic conversational and reading skills of an Asian language. Upon completion of the program, students have a broad interdisciplinary, international and comparative understanding of Asia and the United States, and a functional ability in an Asian language that will enrich their professional and personal lives.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the baccalaureate degree, students in Asian studies are expected to:

  • Know of major developments in the variety of disciplines which include arts, history, culture, economics, politics, and societies of selected countries in East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia; recognize the diversity of Asia; and identify basic practices and theories of major Asian beliefs and institutions
  • Demonstrate an advanced level of understanding of chosen Asian country or region
  • Develop knowledge of the historical, present, and evolving relationship of the United States and selected Asian countries. Cultivate a sensitive cultural and historical understanding of US-Asian relations
  • Demonstrate an ability to use the methodology at least in one of disciplines (language and literature, history, political science, geography, philosophy, anthropology, education, music) in identifying, analyzing, and explaining issues of Asian region
  • Demonstrate college-level competence in an Asian language (including speaking, reading, and writing)


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