Welcome to the Department of Psychology at Bowling Green State University.  This is truly an exciting time to study psychology. New things are being learned everyday about how people behave, how the mind and brain work, and how that knowledge can be used to help people, organizations, and society. As you explore our web site, we hope that you see that the Psychology Department at BGSU is deeply committed to advancing that knowledge by doing our own research, teaching it to our students, and helping those whom we hope can benefit from it.

The Psychology Department consists of 28 full-time faculty representing speciality areas in clinical, developmental, industrial -organizational, and the neural and cognitive sciences.  All faculty teach at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  The Psychology Building includes two of five floors (over 20,000 square feet) dedicated to human and animal research.  Four computing facilities are housed in the Psychology Building for undergraduate and graduate student use. 


Within our department, the Psychological Services Center (PSC) and the Institute for Psychological Research and Application (IPRA) provide a variety of services to clients and organizations throughout Northwest Ohio. For example, the PSC provides clinical intervention and psychological assessment services to enhance the mental health of individuals and families. In addition, the PSC provides program evaluation and needs assessment services to county agencies serving a wide variety of needs. IPRA offers a range of services to industries and businesses across the county and state to enhance their organizational effectiveness. For example, IPRA helps organizations and businesses design and implement: personnel selection and recruitment systems; occupational health and safety interventions; programs to improve the effectiveness of work teams; and methods to improve customer service.

We hope you find this information on our program, faculty, staff, and facilities helpful.  We welcome any suggestions or comments you might have on our home page, and welcome any further inquiries.

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