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  • Brown: Parental incarceration may be worse than divorce — USA Today
  • BGSU undergrads make strides in photochemical sciences - Zoom News
  • McKay says water tests likely valid - WTOL
  • Muir's 'Invisible Beats' gains high visibility - Zoom News
  • Vincent discusses how Blue Water Satellite could help water issues - The Blade
  • Bullerjahn discusses Lake Erie algae - The Epoch Times
  • BGSU's Otiso to aid Kenyan University as Carnegie Fellow - Zoom News
  • Korean students learn of media industry, culture while at BGSU — Sentinel- Tribune
  • Balistreri's new totemic ceramic sculptures fuse modern pop, indigenous motifs — Kansas City Star
  • Undergraduate engagement propelled Williams to Graduate success - Zoom News
  • Midden research on turning manure into energy - WTVG
  • Korean Students to visit for Media and Communication Institute - Zoom News
  • Murals brighten Toledo Communities - Zoom News
  • Donahue on the reopening of the Hines Blues Club - Toledo.com
  • Donahue discusses growing number of Ohio country music festivals - Columbus Dispatch
  • Stakeholder Voices Key to Good Environmental Policy - Zoom News
  • Jackson on midterm elections - Wallethub.com
  • BGSU research team studies insect damage to tree leaves - The Blade
  • Nomaguchi on fighting against fatherlessness - Deseret News
  • Whitney photography focuses on world - Sentinel- Tribune
  • Saving the Prairie Chicken - Gregory and Students Study Habitat - Zoom News
  • Brown comments on study that shows married men more likely to get health screenings - LiveScience.com
  • Do married men live longer? Brown weighs in - Men's Journal
  • Time Magazine puts Lynn Whitney's Work 'On the Radar' - Zoom News
  • Ricketts, students, alumna set to work on East Toledo mural - The Press
  • Smoking study may offer key to kicking habit - Sentinel-Tribune

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