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Improvisation is not only central to music and art, in a world where the only constant is change, it has become a necessary tool to deal with society's daily uncertainties. As rules, guidelines and planning become increasingly obsolete, qualities such as spontaneity, inventiveness and creativity become important to our lives.

A two-day conference will explore "Improvisation in the Arts and Everyday Life." Hosted by the Department of German, Russian and East Asian Languages (GREAL), the symposium will be held April 10-11 at BGSU and downtown Bowling Green's Clazel Theatre, 129 N. Main St. Throughout the event, experts on improvisation from various fields will address recent advances in the understanding of improvisation, its history and cultural significance, and its relevance in today's society through performances, dialogues and seminars.

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Kids' Tech U is for students ages 9-12 who are interested in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They will learn from scientists who work in these fields, and participate in hands-on activities that let them explore scientific concepts.

Spring Sessions

  • Feb. 7 - Dr. Peg Yacobucci, a BGSU associate professor of geology, will lead an interactive session titled "How Do Fossils Reveal Our Planet's Past, Present, and Future?"
  • Feb. 14 - Dr. Karen Lynn Snover-Clift, director of the Cornell University Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic, associate director of Northeast Plant Diagnostic Network (NEPDN), and national quality manager of the network, will share "A Mighty Oak Tree Is Killed in the Forest; DNA Can Tell Us Who Did It."
  • March 28 - Dr. Andrew Torelli, a BGSU assistant professor of chemistry, will answer "What's the Best Way to Grow Crystals?"
  • April 11 - Dr. John McDowell, a Virginia Tech professor of plant pathology, will discuss "Why Are the Foods that You Love the Most in Danger from Rusts, Blights, Molds and Mildews?"

Kids' Tech U Sign-up Information

  • For students who live within a one-hour driving distance of BGSU.
  • $80 registration fee to participate; scholarships are available
  • Includes lunch card and a KTU T-shirt
  • Students work with undergraduate and graduate students, professors and STEM leaders from community organizations and local industries.

Online registration is now open and will be limited to 150 children.


Ohanami | Cherry Blossom Festival

Saturday, April 18, 2015
6-9 p.m. Lenhart Grand Ballroom
Bowen-Thompson Student Union
Bowling Green State University Campus
Bowling Green, Ohio


All activities/presentations are indoors

  • Japanese calligraphy
  • Origami
  • Traditional Japanese games
  • Rice-cake making
  • Taiko performance
  • Martial Arts demonstrations
  • Japanese traditional dance
  • Taste sushi and authentic Japanese refreshments

FOR INFORMATION Akiko Kawano Jones 419-372-7136 or jakiko@bgsu.edu

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