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A Journey with Richard Nixon: A Decade of Listening to the Nixon Tapes from Ohio to Texas

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
206 Bowen-Thompson Student Union
2:30 PM

Luke A. Nichter is an Associate Professor of History at Texas A&M University – Central Texas, and a noted expert on the Nixon tapes. He is the author of the forthcoming book “Richard Nixon and Europe: The Reshaping of the Postwar Atlantic World” (Cambridge University Press, 2015), which is based on multilingual archival research in six countries.

Luke’s latest book, co-authored with Douglas Brinkley, is “The Nixon Tapes: 1971-1972” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014). He has also
written book-length biographies of Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, and George W. Bush for the First Men, America’s Presidents series at Nova History Publishers.

Luke is a former founding Executive Producer of C-SPAN’s American History TV (seen in 41 million homes) and his work has appeared in or has been reported on by the New York Times, Washington Post, Vanity Fair, and the Associated Press. His website, nixontapes.org, offers free access to all 3,000 hours of publicly released Nixon tapes as a public service.

Sponsored by the Department of History and the College of Arts & Sciences

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