First Year Program


The first year at Bowling Green State University is filled with excitement, anticipation, and questions -- lots and lots of questions.

The first year starts off on solid ground with BGSU's comprehensive SOAR program and continues with programs designed to assist all new students. First Year Programs are all about you -- from answering your questions to helping you make a smooth transition to University life. BGSU keeps you connected to what's new throughout the entire first year with special programs and activities designed to enhance your college experience in and out of the classroom. 

For more information about the First Year Program at BGSU, see the  FIRST YEAR PROGRAM WEBSITE



Mike Arrigo

Michael Arrigo

Position: Associate Professor, First Year Program
Phone: 419-372-9320
Email: marrigo@bgsu.edu
Address: 104 FAC

Marce Dupay

Marcelle Dupay

Position: Lecturer, First Year Program
Phone: 419-372-3896
Email: mmdupay@bgsu.edu
Address: 111 FAC

Joel O'Dorisio

Joel O'Dorisio

Position: Lecturer, First Year Program, Arts Village Director
Email: joelo@bgsu.edu

Leigh-Ann Pahapill-2

Leigh-Ann Pahapill

Position: Assistant Professor, First Year Program Coordinator
Email: pahapil@bgsu.edu

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Krista Richey

Position: Adjunct Instructor, First Year Program, Drawing & Painting
Phone: 419-372-7747
Email: krichey@bgsu.edu
Address: 1108 FAC

  • ART 1010
    Introduction to Art
    - Fall, Spring, Summer. Historical and aesthetic components of art with laboratory or online experiences with basic elements of creative expression. Non-majors only. Two hours studio, two hours lecture. Applicable to the BG Perspective (general education) humanities and arts requirement. Extra fee. 3 credit hours.
  • ART 1020
    Design Studio: Surface and Process
    - Fall, Spring. Studio explorations of art making and visual communication. The course is composed of two workshops: 2D Design--introduction to the elements and principles of visual organization; and Art Methods & Practices--introduction to studio-based research, visual problem solving, creative strategies, and practical application of theories of visual signification. Required of art majors and minors. Can be taken with ART 1030 or ART 1120. Extra fee. 3 credit hours.
  • ART 1030
    Drawing Studio: Perception and Color
    - Fall, Spring. Studio explorations of drawing, light and color. Visual discernment and drawing skills are developed in two workshops: Drawing from observation--introduction to the tools and techniques for accurate and expressive draftsmanship; and Color and Light--practical application of color theory and lighting effects for accurate representation and expressive communication. Required of art majors and minors. Can be taken with ART 1020 or ART 1120. Extra fee. 3 credit hours.
  • ART 1120
    Media Studio: Space and Time
    - Fall, Spring. Creative explorations of sculptural and time-based art. Principles of construction and design of works extended in space and time. The course is composed of two workshops: 3D Design--organization of space and form, exposure to various construction methods, tools and materials; and 4D Design--introduction to chronological design concerns, kinetics, installation, audience, actions and documentation. Required of art majors and minors. Can be taken with ART 1020 or ART 1030. Extra fee. 3 credit hours.
  • ART 4700
    Independent Study
    - Supervised individual problems in selected studio research for students who have shown proficiency and marked degree of independence in other studio coursework. May be repeated. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Extra fee. 3 credit hours.
  • ART 4890
    Internship in Arts Management
    - Designed for students seeking to gain field experience under the guidance of a professional arts administrator, educator, or gallerist. Will provide students with practical information and skills related to a variety of careers in arts management. Repeatable to nine hours; limited to six hours with same institution/agency. Graded S/U. 3 credit hours.