Section 1.4


Representative Department/School Term of Office
Mr. Joel O'Dorisio Art, School of 2016
Dr. Juan Bouzat* Biological Sciences 2016 (FIL 2015-16)
Dr Raymond Larsen* Biological Sciences 2016 (sub for Bouzat)
Dr. Peter Blass* Chemistry 2017
Dr. Lara Lengel* Communications 2018
Dr. Joseph Chao Computer Science 2018
Dr. Jong Kwan 'Jake' Lee* Computer Science 2016
Dr. William Albertini English 2017
Dr. Phil Dickinson English 2017
Ms. Julie Haught* English 2017
Dr. Kimberly Coates English 2016
Dr. James Evans Earth, Environment & Society, School of 2018
Dr. Jeffrey Snyder* Earth, Environment & Society, School of 2017
Dr. Vibha Bhalla* Ethnic Studies 2016
Ms. Amy Rybak General Studies Writing 2017
Dr. Christina Guenther* GREAL 2018
Dr. Michael Brooks History 2018
Dr. Rebecca Mancuso* History 2017
Ms. Kelly Taylor* Journalism 2018
Ms. Michelle Heckman Mathematics & Statistics 2016
Dr. Craig Zirbel Mathematics & Statistics 2018
Dr. Christian Coons* Philosophy 2017
Dr. Ian Young Philosophy 2017
Dr. Allen Rogel* Physics & Astronomy 2016
Dr. Stefan Fritsch* Political Science
Dr. Melissa Miller Political Science 2016 (sub for Kuhl)
Dr. Montana Miller* Popular Culture 2017
Dr. Anne Gordon* Psychology 2018
Dr. Francisco Cabanillas Romance & Classical Studies 2017
Dr. Beatrice Guenther* Romance & Classical Studies 2017
Dr. Kelly Ballistreri Sociology 2018
Dr. Danielle Kuhl Sociology 2017 (FIL 2015-16)
Dr. Lori Liggett* Media Production and Studies 2017
Mr. Thomas Castillo* Theatre and Film 2016
Dr. Jonathan Chambers Theatre and Film 2017
Mr. Travis B. Sheaffer, MBA
Adjunct Representative 2016

*Departmental representatives