BGSU Sociology...A Top 20 Sociology Program in the Nation*

Welcome to the sociology department, a vibrant community of students and faculty who are at the forefront of the discipline. Sociologists study the world around us to uncover how society works. We pursue answers to fundamental questions, such as: How is social order possible? Who benefits in society and who does not? How does social change occur?

  • The Sociology Major. Our undergraduate majors interact with faculty who have garnered national reputations in the field. Sociology students often pursue research with faculty or complete internships that can lead to employment after graduation. The department has an active Undergraduate Sociology Student Association that provides students with opportunities to explore sociology beyond the classroom.
  • Careers in Sociology. What can I accomplish with a Sociology BA degree? Just about anything! Check out these resources.
  • Graduate Degrees (PhD and MA) in Sociology. Our rigorous, nationally ranked graduate program offers specializations in criminology, demography, family studies, social psychology, and applied demography (MA program only). Students receive training in both research and teaching. Our successful track record placing PhD and MA students in both academic and non-academic jobs spans decades.
*Our doctoral program was recently ranked among the top 20 in the nation for productivity by the National Research Council.