The Department of Philosophy is an internationally recognized community of scholars and students, known widely for its specialization in, and contributions to, moral philosophy, broadly construed. That includes metaethics, normative ethics, applied ethics, political philosophy and aesthetics. Undergraduate students may earn a B.A. in philosophy, and graduate students may earn a Masters or Ph.D. in the Department's Applied Philosophy program.  The Department is committed to providing the highest quality of education for students as well as to increasing the body of philosophical knowledge.

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New Faculty Member Fall 2016

We are delighted to welcome our new tenure-track faculty member, Dr. Brandon Warmke, who joins us after a year in research position at the University of Notre Dame

Bloomberg Business Week Philosophy is Back in Business

The financial and climate crises, global consumption habits, and other 21st-century challenges call for a "killer app." I think I've found it: philosophy. Philosophy can help us address the (literally) existential challenges the world currently confronts, but only if we take it off the back burner and apply it as a burning platform in business.

Wall Street Journal - Best Jobs 2010 - Philosophy #11

The 200 best and worst jobs in the U.S. in 2009 based on five criteria -- environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands and stress -- according to a newly released study from job site CareerCast.com. Read about the methodology. Also: Best and worst jobs for 2011.


  • Spring 2017, Bowling Green Workshop on Applied Ethics and Public Policy
    “Automation, The Future of Work, and a Universal Basic Income.”

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