The Department of Philosophy is an internationally recognized community of scholars and students, known widely for its specialization in, and contributions to, moral philosophy, broadly construed. That includes metaethics, normative ethics, applied ethics, political philosophy and aesthetics. Undergraduate students may earn a B.A. in philosophy, and graduate students may earn a master's or Ph.D. in applied philosophy.

News & Information

New faculty

This year we added two new full-time faculty members. Max Khan Hayward will join us as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2017. Max hails originally from England, and recently completed his PhD in Philosophy at Columbia University. The core of his work is in Ethics, Metaethics and Moral Psychology, but he is also interested in the History of Philosophy, especially the British Empiricists and the American Pragmatists. Beyond his research, he is passionate about bringing philosophy to a wider audience, and promoting diversity within the academy.

Our second new faculty member is Justin Donhauser. He is Rotman Institute of Philosophy Postdoctoral Associate at the University of Western Ontario; specializing in policy-relevant philosophy of environmental sciences. Before that, he trained as a PhD fellow in the National Science Foundation’s Ecosystem Restoration through Interdisciplinary Exchange (ERIE-IGERT) program at the University at Buffalo and taught an array of philosophy, applied ethics, science studies, and sustainability courses as Service-learning Faculty Fellow. In order to complete his postdoctoral work, he will join us in the Fall 2018 as a full-time Instructor.  

Graduate Student Wins Campus-Wide Teaching Award

Congratulations to Andrew Erickson who won the Graduate College's 2017 Graduate Student Teaching Award.  This is a campus-wide award and recognizes outstanding teaching by a graduate student.  The award is "designed to encourage and reward excellence in undergraduate instruction. Recognizing the role of Graduate Assistants (GA) as valued teaching colleagues is an important part of building our university community."  Andrew is a much-valued member of our philosophical community in addition to his recently acquired role as a parent.

New philosophy-based PPEL Major goes live!

In October, the Ohio Board of Regents put the final seal of approval on the new interdisciplinary major in Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law (PPEL) which is based in the philosophy department, spearheaded by our own Dr. Kevin Vallier. See the Zoom News article about it here.

Events and speakers

  • Friday September 29, 2017
    David Shoemaker, Tulane University
    "Cruel Jokes and Normative Competence"
    4:30 to 6:30 pm in 301 Shatzel Hall
  • November 3-4, 2017
    Fifth Annual Graduate Workshop in Applied Philosophy
    Theme: "Broadening the Scope of Moral Consideration"
    Workshop website

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