Onsite Dietetic Internship


On campus dietetic interns will complete their supervised practice rotations in the greater Bowling Green/Toledo/Findlay area. Interns will accumulate 1000 supervised practice hours over a 12-month period. The overall timeline to complete the minimum requirements for eligibilty for the RDN exam will vary based on the pathway a student chooses to complete the graduate degree requirement. On campus students who separately complete BGSU's on campus Master of Food and Nutrition Program on a full time basis can complete graduate program requirements in 18-months. On campus interns have the opportunity to work with the BGSU employee programs, BGSU Nutrition Clinic, and BGSU Food and Nutrition Summer Camps. Interns are required to attend a one week, on-campus orientation which is usually held the last week of July.   

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Admission Requirements

To be eligible for this program, you must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, meet the DPD requirements of the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics and have relevant work or volunteer experience. You must participate in the DICAS application process and register with D&D Digital to participate in the computer matching process. BGSU Dietetic Internship currently only participates in the Spring Match. 


Master's Minimum Requirement for RDN Eligibility

To meet the minimum graduate degree requirement, on campus dietetic interns who do not have a previous graduate degree or those not already enrolled in a graduate degree can concurrently complete BGSU’s Master of Food and Nutrition (MFN) degree program. Applicants who intend to complete BGSU's on campus MFN program will be prioritized in the matching process. Typically, no more than one on campus seat per year is filled by a non-degree seeking on campus intern. MFN Prospective applicants will separately apply for the MFN graduate program at the time of applying to the BGSU dietetic internship program. More information on the MFN admission procedures is available here. On campus interns who are completing the MFN will take core classes at the main campus of BGSU. Elective courses may be online or in person. Full time students can complete the graduate degree in 18 months. BGSU requires that the degree must be conferred no later than 6-months from completing the supervised practice requirements. Questions about the MFN program should be directed to Dr. Kerri Lynn Knippen, Graduate Coordinator at kknippe@bgsu.edu. 

Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

Onsite interns who are also enrolled in the on campus MFN degree may be eligible for a graduate assistantship, which typically includes a stipend for working 10 hours per week (average $5760 per academic year) and a partial tuition scholarship (8 credit hours, $3741.6 per semester). Assistantships are offered on a competetitve basis and only available to eligible on campus MFN students. Graduate assistants typically work as teaching or research assistants in the Food and Nutrition program. Assignments are coordinated around the dietetic internship program. Applicants can indicate their interest when applying to the on campus MFN program. Questions about graduate assistantships should be directed to Dr. Kerri Lynn Knippen, Graduate Coordinator, kknippe@bgsu.edu. 

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