Interns in Action

In our program you are able to personalize your program to your interests. Below are some activities our interns have done to share their knowledge and interests with the public.

BGSU Interns Participate in Leadership Activties During Orientation and Internship Kick-Off

Hosted by the C. Marvin Center for Studnet Leadership and Civic Engagement, the BGSU 2023-24 Internship Cohort sharpened their leadership and teamwork skills with the help of TinkerToys. 


Interns from the 2022-23 Onsite Cohort Experiences:

Emma Montgomery, BGSU Onsite Intern (2022-2023) assisted with hydration testing with the Columbus Crew.

Emma discussed her experience, “During my food service and sports nutrition rotation with the Columbus Crew I had many wonderful experiences. One experience that stands out to me was the hydration testing. Two days before match days the registered dietitian performs hydration testing with all athletes. This helps the team to prevent injuries and improve performance. I had the opportunity of being a part of this each week. If athletes did not pass their hydration testing, we had recommendations in place for water intake and electrolyte drinks. I was able to see how sports dietitians can have a direct impact on an athlete's performance.”

Hannah Koch, BGSU Onsite Intern (2022-2023) hosted a food demonstration at Food for Thought mobile pantry in Toledo.

During my community rotation with Food for Thought in Toledo, I worked with their director and project manager to develop recipes and nutrition education materials to present at their mobile food pantry. I used foods from the panty to test recipes and developed a guide for hosting a food demonstration. At one of the mobile pantries, I brought a recipe for chili made completely from pantry ingredients. It was an awesome opportunity to connect with the community, and offer chili samples, recipes, and nutrition education. 

Interns in Action1

Claire Weber, BGSU Onsite Intern (2022-2023) completed an elective eating disorder rotation with Divergent Dietitian.

During my time interning with Divergent Dietitian, I was able to shadow and experience nutrition counseling in a private practice setting. I was able to shadow counseling sessions with individuals whose nutrition is impacted by emotional distress that can present as an eating disorder and/or disordered eating along with body image distress. This experience has taught me how to navigate nutrition counseling techniques with an emphasis on treating food driven behaviors. In addition, I was able to assist with Divergent Dietitian’s red ribbon cutting ceremony for their new location. Projects I had worked on include creating flyers and signage showcasing Divergent Dietitian’s mission statement: “Nutrition for Freedom and a Full Life."

Interns in Action2

Claire Tibboles, MFN, RD, LD, and previous BGSU Onsite Intern (2021-2022) advocated for inclusivity for LGBTQ+ dietetics professionals.

Claire Tibboles, MFN, RD, LD is leading a groundbreaking effort to enhance inclusivity for LGBTQ+ individuals in the field of dietetics. As a previous graduate student at BGSU, she conducted a comprehensive survey, revealing the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ students and professionals and proposing tangible improvements such as adjusting dress codes and normalizing the recognition of preferred pronouns. Claire presented her research at FNCE 2023 and aims to publish her research in the Journal of Critical Dietetics. 

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Past Intern Experiences

Ilene Nasseri, BGSU Dietetic Intern (2020-2021) assisted Paige Wagner, Registered Dietitian in the BGSU Teaching Kitchen with a virtual cooking demonstration. You can watch the demonstration here. 

Kaitlyn Stechschulte, BGSU Dietetic Intern (2019-2020) shared her love for cooking in an article published in the Sentinal Tribune.

BGSU Intern (2019-2020), Kelsey Reeder had a blog published in the Ohio Live Smart Blog during National Nutrition Month.  You can check out the article here.


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