Interns in Action

Ilene Nasseri, BGSU Onsite Dietetic Intern (2020-2021) assisted Paige Wagner, Registered Dietitian in the BGSU Teaching Kitchen with a virtual cooking demonstration.

Here is what Ilene had to share about her experience: “For this project, I had the opportunity of working with the campus dietitian in the Teaching Kitchen to livestream a cooking demonstration. The theme for our presentation was “immune boosting foods.” As an intern I was responsible for choosing the recipe and discussing some of the nutritional facts about each ingredient. I really enjoyed this experience because I’d never presented via livestream before and I found that being on camera wasn’t as intimidating as I first thought. I think for those with an interest in working in the media as a nutrition professional this project would be a very beneficial experience.” 
You can watch the demonstration here. 
Great work Ilene! 

Kaitlyn Stechschulte, BGSU Onsite Dietetic Intern (2019-2020) shares her love for cooking in a recent article published in the Sentinal Tribune.

Katie discusses her goals as a future dietitian. The article also discusses how the local Extension office has shifted online with COVID-19. We are so proud of our interns, especially for your flexibility in this time of need.
Great work Katie! 

BGSU Distance Intern (2019-2020), Kelsey Reeder had a blog published in the Ohio Live Smart Blog during National Nutrition Month. 

You can check out the article here.

Kelsey shared a little bit about her process to writing the article also: "I started by looking through their webpages to get an idea of how they usually do them and what they write about. I found they have a section for food blogs and noticed nothing was mentioned about it being National Nutrition Month and that is where I got the idea from. I know there is a lot going on in the world today and I wanted to just remind everyone the importance of nutrition. The audience is for anyone who visits Ohio State University’s webpage and goes to the Extension link." 
Great work Kelsey and congrats! 

Nathaniel Lang, BGSU Distance Intern (2019-2020) shares his experience with a wellness rotation.

"Healthy Hearts in Health Care is a health and wellness program designed to promote healthy diet and lifestyle modifications to reduce risks for cardiovascular disease in hospital employees. The program included a Mediterranean-themed cooking demonstrations and educational sessions. Health and wellness programs in a hospital setting have many barriers to overcome but can help to build a health-focused community." 
Great work Nathaniel! 

Kimberly Jackson, On Campus Dietetic Intern (2018-2019): 

"During my community nutrition rotation at the United Way of Henry County, I had the pleasure of working with and teaching Henry County kindergarten students about MyPlate.  Each week we had a different lesson plan based on a component of the plate, complete with a fun activity and taste testing of new and exciting foods!"
To hear Kim's radio interview listen here. 

Melissa Dorsey, Distance Dietetic Intern (2018-2019) had this to share about her experience in a school foodservice rotation.

"The district I worked in had a Junior Superintendent who had one suggestion for improvement in the cafeteria at his school: to have lasagna. My preceptor suggested that I develop the recipe and test it out on his class. Utilizing products the kitchen already received (with the exception of the lasagna noodles), I developed a recipe in the NutriKids software. Then, on "Kid's First" day, I went into the school kitchen and tested my recipe. We served the lasagna (pictured above) to the fifth graders instead of the ravioli that was on the menu that day and they LOVED it!"  

Sara Turner Smith (2018-2019) developed a new recipe for the school lunch at her rotation.

 Check out the video here

Here is what she had to say about her experience: "During my foodservice rotation at Rossford schools, I had the opportunity to put my own spin on school lunches. I started with finding a recipe from the USDA, Team Nutrition Cookbook. After changing my mind on the recipe I wanted to use about five different times, I decided on the Crunchy Hawaiian Chicken Wrap! Planning a lunch in the school was more involved than I initially realized, and gave me a whole new respect for foodservice directors and dietitians working in school foodservice. 
I needed to expand the recipe for the number of students being served, find the products I needed to order, participate in ordering, receiving, and storing the product, creating a production sheet, and come up with packaging I was going to sell the wrap in. I took into consideration the age group I was serving (middle school), and decided to go with packaging that might resemble something you would buy at Starbucks (Starbucks "bistro boxes" are trending right now). When the day came for them to be put on the menu, I will not lie- I was nervous! I was hoping they would sell and be received well by the students. Thankfully, most of the wraps I made sold, and the students came up to me telling me how much they enjoyed them! This rotation gave me great insight about what goes into adding menu items in a school. Take a look at the video created from selling day, and try out the recipe for yourself!"

*Fruit, milk and fries were sold with this meal to meet USDA standards