Current Interns


Welcome to the Bowling Green State University Internship Program in Nutrition and Dietetics.  

All interns will attend a five day orientation on campus summer before Fall 1 Semester start. Orientation week marks the beginning of the 12 month internship program. The following timetable provides an overview of steps to complete to prepare for orientation and the start of the internship year. 

Traveling to Bowling Green

Driving directions to Bowling Green can be found here. Toledo Express Airport is about a 30 minute drive northwest from campus. The Detroit Metro Airport is approximately 90 minutes from Bowling Green .  Shuttle service is available through BG Airport Shuttle.  

What To Do - Timeline

  • Read intern handbook - Complete prior to on-site orientation or Grad Step (on-site interns)
  • Complete pre-orientation case studies - you will receive these directly from the Program Director. - Complete prior to on-site orientation
  • Enroll or renew your membership to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics  Remember that you are eligible for the student rate. - Complete prior to on-site orientation
  • Complete the Nutrition Care Process Tutorial prior to on-site orientation
  • Complete the FAFSA form if you plan to apply for federally subsidized loans.  Please note that it is acceptance into the Graduate Certificate Program in Food and Nutrition that confers eligibility for loans – not acceptance into the Internship Program.
  • Contact your clinical site preceptors to determine any health requirements. (The internship handbook lists the tests typically required). Bring documentation of any that you have completed to the on-site orientation. You will have titers drawn while you are on campus.
  • Submit a completed and signed DPD Verification of Program Completion Statement, if you have not already done so. - Complete prior to on-site orientation. 
  • After you receive your ID number, activate your MyBGSU account using the instructions provided. This must be done prior to orientation.  Please bring log-in information with you. - Complete prior to on-site orientation
  • Enroll in courses. This must be completed prior to on-site orientation. Click here for registration tips. Students can direct enrollment questions to Kerri Knippen at See the sample schedule available for on campus or distance internship program. 
  • Purchase and maintain health insurance coverage for the duration of the internship program. Proof of insurance must be provided to the program director - Provide proof at on-site orientation at the latest.
  • Arrange for remaining required sites and submit affiliation agreements

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