FAQ Onsite Program


The GRE is required.

Yes, you need to apply for the Master's in Food and Nutrition.

There is no fee that is paid directly to the Internship Program. There is a $45.00 application fee when you apply to the Graduate College. 

No, the same recommendation letter for the internship can be used for the Graduate College application. Since it is now a completely on-line application process, the individuals who write letters will submit them electronically, similar to the process used by DICAS.  Ask the individual writing the letter to comment on your ability to complete graduate level courses and hold an assistantship (if applicable).

It is unrealistic to expect to work more than 20 hours per week fall semester and 10 hours/week spring semester and you are strongly advised to limit outside employment. The required courses are at the graduate level and require a greater time commitment than undergraduate level classes. 

If you are financially unable to meet the program costs at this time, you are urged to consider seeking financial aid (see below), or delaying your application to this program.

No, this program is not approved for part-time completion. You must schedule at least 32 hours of practice/week and be enrolled in the Community Nutrition (FN 6070) and Seminar (FN 6800) courses spring semester. You will be in rotations 40 hours per week summer session.