Alumni Quotes

"I received my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from BGSU. I found the Food and Nutrition department faculty to be highly supportive and passionate about students’ success. The BGSU on-campus dietetic internship and master’s program were obvious choices for me. The fact that it has a health and wellness concentration was a bonus. I am interested in preventative health care and how nutrition plays a role in preventing many chronic diseases. The on-campus option also allowed me to earn some income as a graduate assistant. I worked with the campus nutrition clinic and diabetes prevention program. The master’s program allowed me to customize my program around my interest and career goals. I took master-level classes such as diabetes, weight management, and phytochemicals. As an intern, I could choose rotations that interested me, such as a youth diabetes camp, a clinic for pregnant women with gestational diabetes, and a psychiatric hospital. I got the experience of interacting with a very diverse population in many different settings. I built relationships with other dietitians and now have a strong network of colleagues. BGSU also helped me find my voice as a healthcare provider and gave me the confidence to use it."

Lisa Langhals, MFN, On-site Intern 2021-2022, Wellness Supervisor

“I enjoyed the program because of the endless support from my peers and staff members. I also enjoyed how my directors took into consideration what I want to do in the future and catered the rotations to reflect that. I also think the program is unique in that you get to professionally grow as a GA and receive a stipend. I appreciate all the friendships and connections I made at BG!”

Ashley Asencio, MFN, On-site Intern 2021-2022 

“BGSU's Dietetic Internship was a great experience, with the variety of rotations available I was able to expand my dietetic skill set and build on my undergraduate and graduate level of knowledge.  Upon completing the internship, I was well prepared for the RD exam and passed without any problems on the first take.  I am now a board certified advanced diabetes educator and I thank BGSU and the wonderful staff and preceptors for helping guide me to where I am now.”

Kerri Schroeder Knippen, MPH, RD, LD, BC-ADM, On-Site Intern, 2005 – 2006, Outpatient Dietitian, Blanchard Valley Medical Associates, Findlay, OH, Recognized Young Dietitian Award, 2010.

"Both a challenging and rewarding experience that offered diversity and numerous opportunities"

Angela Schroeder, RD, LD, On-Site Intern, 2007 – 2008, Research Nutritionist, Rippe Lifestyle Institute Orlando, FL

"I was looking for a internship program that would allow me to continue to work as well as increase my skills to become a competent Registered Dietitian.  This program was this and more, I was able to continue to work as well as pick my own sites that were close to home.  I enjoyed the class work, text books and handouts that we received through this program.  What I had learned from those classes I took with me to the job I have currently and use them as references for those tough cases that I may have.  Overall, this program made it easier for me to reach my goals that I had for becoming a Registered Dietitian."

Amy Dunbar RD, LD, Distance Intern, 2007 - 2008, South Pointe Hospital, Cleveland, OH

“BGSU’s Distance Internship program is unique in that you have the ability to choose the rotations that interest you most.  Whether you want to spend more time in the clinical experience or want to delve into an up and coming field of nutrition such as nutrition in the media, you can really personalize your experience.”  

Phoebe Flemming, Distance Intern 2007 – 2008, owner – Phoebe, inc., Boston, MA

"Having a family and not being able to relocate, a distance internship such as BGSU's was the only option that I had.   In addition to allowing me to pursue my RD, BGSU's internship program not only gave me the flexibility that I needed, it helped to further my education and give me an even greater understanding of dietetics using graduate level classes.  I know that I would not have learned as much in a program that only offered an internship."

Lisa Whalen, Distance Intern 2008 – 2009, Room Service Manager, The Children's Hospital, Aurora, CO

“One of the best features about the program here is its flexibility.  The massive network of our internship director allows opportunities that would otherwise be lost.  Not only that, but the director allows interns to have an influence on rotation sites and will contact a preceptor in a specialized area who is willing to provide a rotation that fits a specific interest that we have as interns, whether it be a site for sports nutrition, or a rotation working with a diabetes youth camp, etcetera.  This program allowed me to explore my interests while also getting the basics in required areas.  I am thankful that the director was actually concerned with my ambitions… to my knowledge; there are not many programs with such an individual focus.  Ay Ziggy Zoomba!” 

Adam Lawrence, On-Site Intern 2008 – 2009, Master’s Student

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