If you have a bachelor’s degree in a field other than communication sciences and disorders, you can take classes at BGSU to allow you to apply to our master’s program. The following prerequisite courses must be completed, however, before you can begin the master’s program.

To apply to our program, a minimum of 4 CDIS pre-requisites must be completed, with grades, before the December 15 of the application year deadline.

  • CDIS 1230 Introduction to CDIS (not required for admission to grad program)
  • CDIS 2240 Phonetics
  • CDIS 2250 Language Acquisition and Development
  • CDIS 3010 Anat. and Phys. of the Speech Mechanism
  • CDIS 3020 Introduction to Hearing Science and Acoustics
  • CDIS 3110 Phonological Assessment and Intervention
  • CDIS 3510 Language Assessment and Remediation
  • CDIS 3610 Introduction to Diagnostic Audiology
  • CDIS 4010 Clinical Methods in Communication Disorders

You must also have taken at least one course in biology, psychology, physical science (e.g., chemistry, physics), and a course in statistics. Any of these courses that you took during your bachelor’s education count towards this requirement.  Here is a checksheet that has more detail on class requirements.

Any needed courses can be taken at BGSU or another university. If you are ready to start taking pre-requisite classes, you can register at BGSU as either an undergraduate guest, or a non-degree seeking graduate student. If you register as an undergrad the tuition is cheaper, but there is no financial aid available (since you already have a degree). If you register as a grad student, there is financial aid available (for up to 1 year, subject to your overall maximums), but the tuition rate is higher. You may need a letter from the graduate coordinator stating that you are taking undergrad classes for the purpose of qualifying for graduate school. 

Finally, please realize that grad school admissions here and elsewhere are competitive. Therefore, you should always work to maximize your GPA overall, and in the CDIS pre-req classes.

NOTE: All Departmental and Graduate College application materials (including transcripts) are due no later than December 15. See Master's Application Page for application information.

Please direct all admissions inquiries to the graduate coordinator, Dr. Virginia Dubasik.

Updated: 01/27/2023 05:20PM