CDIS Graduate Program FAQ

Please read through the website and the FAQs. Answers to many of your questions can be found here.


NO.  Clinical Methods is more than just an observation class. The required components include:learning to prepare for clinic, methods of assessment, intervention skills/preparation,  clinical writing for both pediatrics & adults (goals and SOAP notes), and developing plans of treatment.  If you are unsure whether a class of yours will count, please email the syllabus to the Graduate Coordinator for review.  BGSU makes the decision regarding this criteria, not your undergraduate institution. You cannot start clinic until you have completed this course.  If you take clinical methods during your Master's program, your graduation will be delayed by one semester.

Yes, as long as you have completed 4 CDIS courses by the application deadline (December 15), you may apply for the Master’s program.  The remainder need to be completed prior to starting in August.

A minimum of 4 CDIS courses are required to be completed by the application deadline (December 15).

No, you do not need to have a CDIS major to apply to our program.  However, you will need the CDIS pre-requisites.  Please see the section entitled “Post Baccalaureate Program”.

The GRE is no longer a CDIS admission requirement.

Yes.  An overall GPA of 3.0 and a CDIS GPA of 3.2.  If you do not meet these criteria, your application will not be reviewed.

No.  Our program is a fulltime program.

No. Our program is an in-house program only without an on-line option.

All applicants are considered for funding (scholarship & stipend); there is NOT a separate application or other procedure necessary to be considered.  Should an admitted student not want funding, they would relay that information at the time of the offer.  Offered amounts are awarded on a competitive basis, based on ranking in the applicant class.

This varies depending upon the budget we receive from the Graduate College each year.  Typically, all of our students receive some degree of funding.

GA positions are paid.  The amount depends upon the funding our department receives for that year AND where you rank in the class.  Those students who rank higher in the class (by GPA, GRE and faculty review) receive more hours/money.  There are no benefits with the GA positions.

Academic Update is ONLY accepted by BGSU for students who need their fall semester classes to complete the required 4 CDIS pre-requisites. All others who submit Academic Update will not have their fall grades included in their admissions review. If there are any questions, please contact Dr. Traver directly,

Multiple factors influence the time required.  1) We need to await CSDCAS’ verification of grades.  2) Academic Update takes longer than the standard verification.  3) There are many applicants (over 400 in 2016); to appropriately review everyone takes time.

No.  Due to the variability from year-to-year, we are unable to predict your chances based on GPA & GRE.

The tuition calculator can be found at    Please keep in mind there is a $300 clinic fee each semester.

You may be eligible for Ohio residency after living here for 1 calendar year.  Ohio residency criteria can be found at  

Admitted Master's students who are interested in admission to the Ph.D. program should contact the Graduate Coordinator during the first year of the Master's program.

Evidence-based practice is a cornerstone of speech-language pathology. SLPs are required to combine their clinical expertise with patient values and performance and current research evidence to make clinical decisions. As such, as part of their clinical experiences at BGSU, students take a course in Research Methods in Communication Disorders where they will learn how to read research articles and apply the results to clinical practice. Students will also find research support for the therapy techniques they apply as part of their experience in the clinic. Students may also be assigned to work in a research lab as part of their assistanceship. The duties of the assistanceship will vary by supervisor. 

Enter the AP course as it appears on your transcript.

For example, if you received AP credit for Physics 1 in high school (by scoring a 3, 4, or 5 on your AP exam) and you attended BGSU for your undergraduate degree, BGSU will list the course as PHYS 2010 on your transcript and will award you 5.0 credit hours. On the checklist you submit to BGSU, enter BGSU as the university, PHYS as the course listing, and 2010 as the course number. Do not list AP courses on your checklist that do not appear on your transcript.



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