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Undergraduate Program Forms Description
Undergraduate application for admission to CDIS Use this form to apply to the major after completing the pre-major requirements (CDIS 1230, 2240, 2250). This form should be submitted during the semester you complete these classes. Please read the directions for saving and submitting this form if you have any questions.
Fall 2017 CDIS Checklist Download the checklist if you would like to evaluate the progress of your undergraduate program in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Use the checklist from the year you started in the CDIS program. Please contact your academic advisor if you have any questions. Your checklist is also available from the College of Health and Human Services Advising page.
Clinic Observation Form Clinic Observation Form Instructions The Clinic Observation Form is used to document your observation clock hours. This is required as part of CDIS 4010 - Clinical Methods.
Liability Release, Waiver, Discharge and Agreement not to Sue This form is used when traveling to off-site observation locations. This form must be submitted to a department secretary or your CDIS 4010 instructor prior to traveling to any observation site.
Graduate Forms Description
Graduate Program Checklist Use this form to determine eligibility to enroll in the graduate program in Communication Sciences and Disorders. This completed form must be submitted with your application.
Graduate Student Travel Funds Request Use this form to request travel funds.  Requests should be electronically sent to the graduate coordinator (with required accompanying materials) before the travel event.
Graduate Student Research Funds Request Use this form to request research-related funds.  Requests should be electronically sent  to the graduate coordinator (with required accompanying materials).
University-Related Travel Form This form must be handed to a department secretary prior to any university-related travel event (e.g. conferences).
Supervisor Standards Record Form This form should be filled out by non-BGSU supervisors at the completion of each BGSU student clinical placement.
Procedures for Online Application for Licensure Information detailing how to use the Department of Education online application system to apply for school licensure in SLP. Students wishing to obtain a schools license from the Ohio Department of Education will wish to consult this information. Not to be completed until graduation.
School Licensure Checklist
Use this form if you will be applying for school licensure. Send the completed form electronically to the department chair. An example can be found in the master’s handbook.