Transfer Students

The Transfer Process (for students transferring to BGSU from another college or university):

  1. Gather information: Read about your intended program of study in the BGSU catalog.
  2. Obtain a degree checksheet for your intended program of study
  3. Use Transferology to figure out how your classes taken at another school will count at BGSU.
  4. Apply for admission to BGSU. After being admitted to the university, the student's transcripts will be evaluated and sent to the College Advising Center.
  5. Apply for admission to your degree program within the college, if necessary. Many of the degree programs in the college require separate admission procedures with strict deadlines!
  6. Reserve a Transfer Student Orientation date, where a College Advisor will interpret your transfer evaluation report and assist you with your initial class registration.


The Transfer Process for BGSU Students Who Want to Take a Class Somewhere Else (e.g., a summer course at home):

Students are strongly encouraged to be sure that the courses taken at another school will be the appropriate transfer credits awarded by BGSU.

  1. Use the Transferology system to review classes.
  2. Meet with an advisor to ensure that your plans will fit in with the requirements of your degree program.
  3. Complete the Guest Student Certification Form with the Office of Registration and Records. This provides a written confirmation ahead of time.

Updated: 01/19/2022 08:32AM