University Policies


Policy NumberName of PolicyResponsible Office
3341-1-1Bylaws of the Board of TrusteesPresident
3341-1-2Code of Ethics and Conduct PolicyPresident
3341-1-3Emergency cancellation, Delay and Closing Policy and ProceduresPresident
3341-1-4Delegation of Management ResponsibilityPresident
3341-1-5Policy on Policy Development for RegisterPresident
3341-1-6Public RecordsGeneral Counsel
3341-1-7Delegation of Contract and Signatory AuthorityPresident
3341-1-8Academic CharterPresident

Division of Student Affairs

Policy NumberName of PolicyResponsible Office
3341-2-1AddressesRegistration and Records
3341-2-2Advertisement (posters, notices, handbills, fliers, banners, yard signs and electronic media)Campus Activities
3341-2-3AssemblyCampus Activities
3341-2-4BathroomsResidence Life
3341-2-5Campus-wide Food Service Policies for Student OrganizationsCampus Activities
3341-2-6Conduct AuthorityDean of Students
3341-2-7Conduct ProceduresDean of Students
3341-2-8Conduct Records RetentionDean of Students
3341-2-9ConsumptionCampus Activities
3341-2-10Department of Recreation and Wellness Food & Drink Concessions, Merchandise Sales, and SponsorshipRecreation and Wellness
3341-2-11Event ManagementCampus Activities
3341-2-12Fire SafetyResidence Life
3341-2-13Forrest Creason Golf Course AccessibilityRecreation and Wellness
3341-2-14Fund Raising, Solicitation, and Sales Rules for Student OrganizationsCampus Activities
3341-2-15General Rules for University ResidenceResidence Life
3341-2-16Guest SpeakersCampus Activities
3341-2-17Housing Acceptance AgreementResidence Life
3341-2-18Housing AssignmentsResidence Life
3341-2-19Interim SuspensionsStudent Affairs
3341-2-20Jurisdiction of the UniversityDean of Students
3341-2-21Keys PEDS and Bathroom CodesResidence Life
3341-2-22Late Night EventsCampus Activities
3341-2-23LaundryResidence Life
3341-2-24Organizational ResponsibilityDean of Students
3341-2-25Parental NotificationDean of Students
3341-2-26Personalizing Your Living SpaceResidence Life
3341-2-27Political CampaigningDean of Students/Office of Residence Life
3341-2-28Prohibited ConductDean of Students
3341-2-29Residential MaintenanceResidence Life
3341-2-30Residential Network Responsible UseResidence Life Information Technology Services
3341-2-31Residential Conduct ProcessOffice of Residence Life
3341-2-32Room CheckoutResidence Life
3341-2-33Room EntryResidence Life
3341-2-34SanctionsDean of Students
3341-2-35Student Budget Committee (SBC) FundingCampus Activities
3341-2-36Student OrganizationsCampus Activities
3341-2-37Student Rights and Responsibilities PolicyDean of Students
3341-2-38Student TravelCampus Activities
3341-2-39Student Conduct AppealsDean of Students

Academic Affairs

Policy NumberName of Policy
Responsible Office
3341-3-1Academic Progress, Probation, Dismissal – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-2Advanced Undergraduates – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-3Appeals policies – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-4Background Checks – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-5Credit Transfer – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-6Doctoral Requirements – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-7Enrollment and Registration – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-8Financial Information and Assistance – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-9Grading Policies – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-10Graduate Admissions – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-11Graduate Faculty Status – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-12Graduation Application and Minimum Registration – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-13Health Insurance – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-14International Teaching Assistant Language Policy – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-15Leave of Absence – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-16Master's degree - General Requirements – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-17Posthumous Awarding Of A Graduate Degree – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-18Student Research – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-19Tentative Degree Program (TDP)/Degree Audit Report System (DARS) – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-20Thesis/Dissertation – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-21Time Limits for Degree and Revalidation – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-22Transcripts – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-23Academic Forgiveness for Undergraduates – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-24Academic Honesty – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-25Academic Honors – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-26Academic Load and Undergraduate Enrollment Status – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-27Admission to BGSU – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-28Admission to BGSU Firelands – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-29Advanced Placement and College Credit Plus – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-30Advanced Standing – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-31Associate Degree Programs – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-32Audit – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-33Baccalaureate Degree Programs – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-34BG Perspective (General Education Curriculum) – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-35Changing Undergraduate colleges, majors or degree programs within BGSU – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-36Classification of Undergraduate Students – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-37Concurrent Enrollment – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-38Undergraduate Credit by Examination – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-39Disbursement of Student Financial Aid – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-40Dropping, Adding and Changing the Grading Option – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-41FERPA Rights – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-42Financial Aid Packaging – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-43First Day Attendance Policy – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-44Foreign Language Undergraduate Admission Requirement – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-45General Library Use Policy – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-46Grading Policies – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-47Guest Undergraduate Students – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-48International Students – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-49Music Library Copyright Restrictions – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-50Registration for Undergraduate Classes – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-51Repeated Coursework, Enrollment Status and Financial Aid – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-52Retaking an Undergraduate Course – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-53Revision of a Financial Aid Award Package – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-54Satisfactory Academic Progress and Financial Aid – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-55Scholarship Appeal – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-56Student Appeals – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-57Transfer Admissions – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-58Transfer Credit – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-59Catalog Policies – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-60University Libraries Collection Policies – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-61University Libraries Gift Policy – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-62University Library Privacy and Confidentiality Policy – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-63Unsatisfactory Academic Progress – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-64Withdrawal from the University – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs

Office of Equity of Diversity

Policy NumberName of Policy
Responsible Office
3341-4-1Anti HarassmentEquity and Diversity
3341-4-2Equal Education OpportunityEquity and Diversity
3341-4-3Equal Employment OpportunityEquity and Diversity
3341-4-4Racial & Ethnic HarassmentEquity and Diversity
3341-4-5RetaliationEquity and Diversity
3341-4-6Sexual HarassmentEquity and Diversity
3341-4-7By-Invitation AppointmentsEquity and Diversity

Human Resources

Policy NumberName of PolicyResponsible Office
3341-5-1Accident Reporting PolicyHuman Resources
3341-5-2Acting/Interim AppointmentHuman Resources
3341-5-3Administrative Staff Compensation PolicyHuman Resources
3341-5-4Administrative Staff NoticeHuman Resources
3341-5-5Administrative Staff Performance-Based Merit SystemHuman Resources
3341-5-6Staff Company Seniority Date and Vacation Benefits Service DateHuman Resources
3341-5-7Consensual Amorous Relationships PolicyHuman Resources
3341-5-8Contact with State/Federal Legislators and Governmental Agencies PolicyHuman Resources
3341-5-9Dependent Fee WaiverHuman Resources
3341-5-10Disability/Reasonable Accommodation PolicyHuman Resources
3341-5-11Disciplinary PolicyHuman Resources
3341-5-12Drug Free Workplace and Reasonable Suspicion Protocol PolicyHuman Resources
3341-5-13Employee Fee WaiverHuman Resources
3341-5-14First AidHuman Resources
3341-5-15Leave Without PayHuman Resources
3341-5-16Military Leave Duty
Human Resources
3341-5-17NepotismHuman Resources
3341-5-18Leave Bank ProgramHuman Resources
3341-5-19Performance Evaluation Non-represented Employees
Human Resources
3341-5-20Personal Leave PolicyHuman Resources
3341-5-21Pre-Employment Background ChecksHuman Resources
3341-5-22Religious AccommodationHuman Resources
3341-5-23Resignation and Exit InterviewHuman Resources
3341-5-24Political ActivityHuman Resources
3341-5-25SolicitationHuman Resources
3341-5-26Stand-by PayHuman Resources
3341-5-27Alcohol and controlled Substance Policy for Employees with Commercial Driver LicenseHuman Resources
3341-5-28Violence in the WorkplaceHuman Resources
3341-5-29Pay Transaction Policy for Classified StaffHuman Resources
3341-5-30Independent Contractors PolicyHuman Resources
3341-1-3Emergency cancellation, Delay and Closing Policy and ProceduresPresident

Finance and Administration

Policy NumberName of PolicyResponsible Office
3341-6-1Accident ReportingFinance and Administration
3341-6-2AlcoholFinance and Administration
3341-6-3Use of Amplified Sound on University PremisesFinance and Administration
3341-6-4Athletic/Bowl Game Travel and Entertainment Related
Finance and Administration
3341-6-5Authorization and Award of Capital Construction ProjectsFinance and Administration
3341-6-6BGSU E-Mail AccountFinance and Administration
3341-6-7BGSU Information TechnologyFinance and Administration
3341-6-8Business Entertainment ExpenseFinance and Administration
3341-6-9Campus ID CardFinance and Administration
3341-6-10Cancellation of Student Class Schedule (De-Registration)Finance and Administration
3341-6-11Cash AdvanceFinance and Administration
3341-6-12Cash Collection and Handling PolicyFinance and Administration
3341-6-13Cell Phone ReimbursementFinance and Administration
3341-6-14Cellular ServicesFinance and Administration
3341-6-15Clean Air & Smoking Policy ProposalFinance and Administration
3341-6-16Commercialization of BGSU ProductsFinance and Administration
3341-6-17Concealed WeaponsFinance and Administration
3341-6-18Data Use and ProtectionFinance and Administration
3341-6-19Debt PolicyFinance and Administration
3341-6-20Electronic SignaturesFinance and Administration
3341-6-21Faculty and Staff EmailFinance and Administration
3341-6-22Financial Responsibility of Personal PropertyFinance and Administration
3341-6-23Policy on Firearms, Deadly Weapons, and Dangerous
Finance and Administration
3341-6-24Reporting Fraud, Waste, or Abuse of University ResourcesFinance and Administration
3341-6-25Garnishment of WagesFinance and Administration
3341-6-26Holds on Student Delinquent AccountsFinance and Administration
3341-6-27Institutional MembershipsFinance and Administration
3341-6-28InvestmentsFinance and Administration
3341-6-29ITS Computer Lab UtilizationFinance and Administration
3341-6-30ITS Facility RentalFinance and Administration
3341-6-31Key IssuanceFinance and Administration
3341-6-32Laptop LoanFinance and Administration
3341-6-33My VPNFinance and Administration
3341-6-34Policy Regarding Parking RegulationsFinance and Administration
3341-6-35PeopleSoft Account AdministrationFinance and Administration
3341-6-36“Persona Non Grata” Status for Campus VisitorsFinance and Administration
3341-6-37Purchases from EmployeesFinance and Administration
3341-6-38Purchasing, Sales, and Disposal of University Property and
Inventory Control
Finance and Administration
3341-6-39Sensitive Data PrivacyFinance and Administration
3341-6-40SkateboardFinance and Administration
3341-6-41Social Networking Media PolicyFinance and Administration
3341-6-42Space and Facilities Reservations Including Use of Campus
Finance and Administration
3341-6-43Student EmailFinance and Administration
3341-6-44Tax Exemption CertificatesFinance and Administration
3341-6-45Time ReportingFinance and Administration
3341-6-46University Food Service PolicyFinance and Administration
3341-6-47University Travel ExpenseFinance and Administration
3341-6-48University Vehicle UseFinance and Administration

Research and Economic Development

Policy NumberName of PolicyResponsible Office
3341-7-1Conflict of Interest in Sponsored Programs & ResearchResearch & Economic Development
3341-7-2CopyrightResearch & Economic Development
3341-7-3Patent PolicyResearch & Economic Development
3341-7-4Research Faculty Administrator Research StipendResearch & Economic Development
3341-7-5Research MisconductResearch & Economic Development
3341-7-6CommercializationResearch & Economic Development
3341-7-7Protection of Human SubjectsResearch & Economic Development
3341-7-8Protection of Vertebrate AnimalsResearch & Economic Development
3341-7-9Use of Controlled Substances in ResearchResearch & Economic Development


Policy NumberName of PolicyResponsible Office
3341-8-1Concussion Management PolicyIntercollegiate Athletics/Director of Athletics

Development and Advancement Policies

Policy NumberName of PolicyResponsible Office
3341-9-1Foundation Charity and Scholarship DonationsUniversity Advancement
3341-9-2NamingUniversity Advancement
3341-9-3University Libraries GiftUniversity Advancement
3341-9-4FundraisingUniversity Advancement

Marketing and Communications Policies

Policy NumberName of PolicyResponsible Office
3341-10-1The BGSU LogoMarketing and Communications
3341-10-2BGSU SignatureMarketing and Communications
3341-10-3Logotype and GraphicsMarketing and Communications
3341-10-4The Official Identity ColorsMarketing and Communications
3341-10-5OMCMarketing and Communications
3341-10-6Web IdentityMarketing and Communications