BG Perspective


BG Perspective: 21st Century Liberal Studies, BGSU’s current general education program, provides the foundation for a premier liberal arts education so that BGSU students graduate prepared for self-reliant learning throughout their lives and capable of effectively participating in a democratic society. BG Perspective classes are taken by all students at BGSU, reflecting a deep conviction by the BGSU faculty, as well as leaders in all professions, that successful, satisfying lives require a wide range of skills and knowledge. Ethical integrity, reflective thinking, and active social engagement are characteristics of a liberally educated person. The BG Perspective program at BGSU emphasizes student-centered active learning so that students acquire both broad intellectual skills and a sufficient breadth of knowledge to be more successful in their major area of study and later in their chosen professions and careers. These intellectual skills include the ability to think critically and communicate effectively; the ability to understand different cultures, modes of thought, and multiple values; and the ability to investigate forces that shape the social, scientific and technological complexities of contemporary culture.



Brief background regarding the new BGP Program.  A revised general education program will be implemented at BGSU in Fall 2015; all first-year students who enter BGSU that semester will adhere to the new program requirements.  The new BGP Program will feature new learning outcomes which are more measureable and more closely aligned with Ohio Transfer Module Guidelines than are the current outcomes. Having the new outcomes in place will be essential for future accreditation since the Higher Learning Commission is requiring universities to implement a continuous system for measuring the degree to which students are achieving general education learning outcomes. The new BGP Program also will contain a number of changes to overall requirements.

BGP Course Proposal Review.  Departments and programs that wish to offer courses in the new program are required to submit course proposals for review. The course proposals must be reviewed and approved prior to December 31, 2014 for courses to be included on the fall 2015 BGP course list.  The BGP Committee is reviewing proposals in the order in which they are received; therefore, early submission is strongly recommended for greater likelihood that a proposal will pass through the entire evaluation process by December 31.  Current BGP courses that have not been reapproved by this date will no longer be part of the program.

Information about the current BGP Program and the forthcoming BGP Program. The BGP course list and learning outcomes for 2014-2015 are available in the orange links at the top left of this page.  Information regarding the new BGP Program which will go into effect in Fall 2015 and the course proposal review process is available by clicking on the large orange box on the left.