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Incomplete Policy

Incomplete Grades for Graduate Courses (degree and nondegree)

An INC (incomplete) may be given only when, for some justifiable reason, a student fails to take the final examination or to fulfill a specified requirement in a course.

An INC may be removed and a grade substituted if the student completes course requirements to the satisfaction of the instructor prior to the deadline established by the Graduate College. The Graduate College deadlines for removal of incomplete grades for the respective academic semesters are:

  • Fall semester: June 1
  • Spring semester: September 1
  • Summer semester: January 1

However, an individual instructor may come to an agreement with his or her student for an earlier deadline for removal of an incomplete grade.

The graduate dean designate has the authority to extend the deadline for an incomplete. The student must petition the graduate dean designate for such consideration in writing and prior to the expiration of the deadline. The instructor's support is required for approval of the request.

For courses taken S/U, any mark of INC not removed by these deadlines will change to U. For courses taken for a letter grade, any mark of INC not removed by these deadlines will change to F. A student cannot graduate with a grade of INC.