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Letter from the Assistant Vice Provost:

Academic Advisors are important contributors in the success and experience of BGSU students. The guidance and personalized attention provided by our advisors is integral to student success among our undergraduate students. Across all of our programs and colleges, students work with advisors to establish educational and career goals, develop academic degree plans, and explore experiential learning opportunities such as study abroad, service learning, internships, undergraduate research and many other co-curricular opportunities.

As an academic advising community, our collective goal is to ensure excellent advising and degree planning guidance to students through a cooperative effort and partnership among all BGSU colleges and departments. We aspire to create a culture of advising excellence for our students, marked by ongoing professional development and collegiality among advisors across campus. One of my primary responsibilities is to provide support to students and advisors in all areas of academic and degree planning. This is achieved by providing BGSU advisors with resources, information, and professional development opportunities that enable them to build effective relationships with students which result in student learning, growth and development.

Research shows that meeting with an academic advisor is one of the top three predictors of success for college students. The relationship between students and advisors is a partnership in which we also expect our students to be actively engaged and accountable for decision making throughout the undergraduate experience and beyond. At BGSU, students are assigned an academic advisor from day one, and we strive to provide every opportunity possible for students to not only meet with an advisor, but to develop an important and on-going partnership designed to lead toward the important outcome of student success.


Andy Alt
Assistant Vice Provost, Director of Advising