Faculty Senate

About the Faculty Senate

As described in BGSU's Academic Charter, the Faculty Senate is a representative body that has

  1. policy and standards framing authority;
  2. recommending and advising functions;
  3. other functions.

The Faculty Senate has policy and standards framing authority to promote a climate of academic freedom; to promote equity in tenure, promotion in academic rank, workload, and salary distribution; to promote an optimal learning environment throughout the University; and to promote standards and procedures of accountability concerning faculty ethics and responsibilities.

Furthermore, the BGSU Faculty Senate has authority to frame policies that promote the effective and efficient use of University resources; that promote the general economic well-being of the faculty; that promote optimal benefits for faculty and retirees; that promote professional growth through faculty leave programs and other activities; and that promote a quality library as well as quality instructional and research equipment, services, and facilities.

The  membership of the Faculty Senate is composed of faculty representatives from each College (on a proportional basis), plus a representative of retired faculty. Certain student government leaders and administrators serve as ex officio members.

The Senate offices are located in 118 Olscamp Hall on the main campus of Bowling Green State University. We may be reached by telephone at (419) 372-2751 or by email.

Senate Officers for 2016-17 are: