International Studies Program

What is International Studies?

As our world has experienced tremendous interconnectedness, it is becoming necessary that students of the 21st century acquire a strong global perspective. With the influx of electronic communication, information is now available instantaneously to students and global leaders. Because of this rapid globalization, study abroad and second language fluency are vital to any globally conscious business and organization. The International Studies program at Bowling Green State University offers diverse opportunities for language study and education abroad to help students gain unique insight into our global community. At BGSU, students can expect a well-rounded undergraduate experience in the International Studies Program with classes that challenge students to think critically in a global and practical context.

International Studies provides an interdisciplinary approach to international and global connections. The major acquaints students with approaches from the humanities (history, communication), social sciences (economics, political science), and natural sciences (geography). The student’s individual program may focus on a world region (Africa, Europe), a particular issue or discipline (environment, sociology), or a future career goal (government, business administration). All IS majors continue foreign language at least through the third-year college level. You may continue with your high school language, or you may decide to “start over” with a language not usually offered at the high school level, such as Japanese or Russian. We encourage all majors to spend a year or a semester abroad; shorter programs are also available.

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BGSU International Studies Program receives distinction as being one of the top research journal universities.

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