Faculty & Staff

Ellen Berry

Ellen Berry

Position: Director, Institute for the Study of Culture and Society; Professor, English, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and American Culture Studies
Email: eberry@bgsu.edu

Dr. Berry is the director of the Institute for the Study of Culture and Society and teaches required and special topics courses regularly in the ACS and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies programs.

Chuck Coletta

Charles Coletta

Position: Lecturer, Popular Culture and American Culture Studies
Email: ccolett@bgsu.edu

Dr. Coletta teaches courses for both ACS and Popular Culture.


Radhika Gajjala

Position: Professor in American Culture Studies and Communication Studies
Email: radhik@bgsu.edu

Dr. Gajjala teaches courses in ACS that are often cross-listed Media and Communication and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.


Scott C. Martin

Position: Professor, American Cultural Studies; Director, History
Email: smartin@bgsu.edu

Dr. Martin is the Director of the History Department and has a joint appointment with the ACS program, where he teaches required and special topics courses regularly.


Andrew Schocket

Position: Director of American Culture Studies; Associate Professor in History and American Culture Studies
Email: aschock@bgsu.edu

Dr. Schocket teaches required courses and special topics courses regularly for the ACS and History programs.


Jolie Sheffer

Position: Associate Professor, English
Email: jsheffe@bgsu.edu

Dr. Sheffer teaches courses in English that are cross-listed with ACS and has taught the required ACS Theory and Methods course as well.

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Robert Sloane

Position: Undergraduate Coordinator for American Culture Studies; Instructor, American Culture Studies
Email: rsloane@bgsu.edu

Robert Sloane teaches core undergraduate courses for ACS as well as the Teaching ACS course for graduate students.

English Department
Bill Albertini - Associate Chair and Graduate Coordinator; Associate Professor, Literature
Khani Begum - Associate Professor, Literature
Kristine Blair - Professor, Rhetoric and Writing
Kim Coates - Associate Professor, Literature
Phil Dickinson - Associate Chair; Senior Lecturer, Literature
Gary Heba - Associate Professor, Scientific and Technical Communication
Erin Labbie - Associate Professor, Literature
Piya Pal Lapinski - Associate Professor, Literature
Simon Morgan-Russell - Dean, College of Arts & Sciences; Professor, Literature
Sharona Muir - Professor, Creative Writing

Department of Ethnic Studies 
Vibha Bhalla - Associate Professor
Dalton Jones - Assistant Professor
Sridevi Menon - Associate Professor
Timothy Messer-Kruse - Professor
Susana Peña - Director of School of Cultural and Critical Studies; Associate Professor

Department of Popular Culture
Becca Cragin - Associate Professor
Rebecca Kinney - Assistant Professor
Montana Miller - Associate Professor
Marilyn Motz - Chair; Associate Professor
Angela Nelson - Associate Professor
Jeremy Wallach - Associate Professor

School of Media and Communication
Joshua Atkinson - Associate Professor, Interpersonal Communication
Katherine Bradshaw - Chair; Associate Professor, Journalism
Alberto Gonzalez - Chair; Professor, Interpersonal Communication
Louisa Ha - Chair; Professor, Telecommunications
Lisa Hanasono - Assistant Professor, Interpersonal Communication
Lara Lengel - Associate Professor, Interpersonal Communication
Clayton Rosati - Associate Professor, Telecommunications
Ewart Skinner - Associate Professor, Telecommunications

Department of History
Benjamin Greene - Assistant Professor, History
Ruth Wallis Herndon
 - Associate Professor, History
Nicole Jackson - Assistant Professor, History
Rebecca Mancuso - Associate Professor, History and Canadian Studies
Apollos O. Nwauwa - Director, Africana Studies; Professor, History

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program
Vikki Krane - Graduate Coordinator; Professor, School of Human Movement, Sport & Leisure Studies
Sarah Smith Rainey - Assistant Professor, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Advisor, School of Cultural and Critical Studies
Opportune Zongo - Associate Professor, Romance and Classical Studies and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Department of Theatre and Film
Cynthia Baron - Professor
Jonathan Chambers
 - Professor
Lesa Lockford - Professor

Department of Philosophy
Donald Callen - Assistant Professor

School of Human Movement, Sport & Leisure Studies
Nancy Spencer - Associate Professor

Department of Economics
Kevin Quinn - Associate Professor

Department of Geography
Karen Johnson-Webb - Associate Professor, Center for Regional Development

Department of Political Science
Leila Kawar
- Assistant Professor

School of Family & Consumer Sciences
Lubomir Popov - Professor, Interior Design

Library Sciences
Bill Schurk - Sound Recording Archivist

Department of German, Russian and East Asian Languages
Edgar Landgraf - Professor
Ted Rippey - Associate Dean, A&S; Associate Professor, German

School of Art
Andrew Hershberger - Associate Professor, Art History
Allie Terry-Fritsch - Associate Professor, Art History
Katerina Ruedi Ray - Director and Professor

Department of Musicology/Ethnomusicology
Katherine Meizel - Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology
Jorge Chavez - Associate Professor
Madeline Duntley - Associate Professor
Michael Strand - Assistant Professor

As an interdisciplinary program, the American Culture Studies Program works with faculty from all across campus, while maintaining a strong number of core faculty. A list of all core and affiliated faculty of the ACS program, as well as information about the ACS staff, can be found by following the links above.

The ACS faculty is also assisted by the MA Executive Committee, the PhD Executive Committee, and the Advisory Committee. The members of each of these committees are listed below.

The MA Executive Committee

Dr. Dalton Jones
Dr. Mary Krueger
Dr. Robert Sloane
Dr. Jeremy Wallach

Graduate Representative: Erin Mulligan

Phd Executive Committee

Dr. Bill Albertini
Dr. Becca Cragin
Dr. Lara Lengel
Dr. Scott Martin
Dr. Sridevi Menon

Graduate Representative: Stephanie Salerno

Advisory Committee

Dr. Jonathan Chambers
Dr. Madeline Duntley
Dr. Alberto Gonzalez
Dr. Andrew Hershberger
Dr. Nicole Jackson
Dr. Vikki Krane
Dr. Lesa Lockford
Dr. Angela Nelson
Dr. Ted Rippey
Dr. Jolie Sheffer
Dr. Jamie Stuart

Graduate Representatives: Johnanna Ganz and Joshua Catalano


Beka Patterson

Position: Program Secretary
Graduate Secretary to the School of Cultural and Critical Studies

Phone: 419 372 8886; Fax: 419 372 7537
Email: rpatter@bgsu.edu
Address: 101 East Hall


Stephanie Rader

Position: Administrative Assistant to the School of Cultural and Critical Studies
Phone: 419 372 6525; Fax: 419 372 0330
Email: srader@bgsu.edu
Address: 227 Shatzel Hall


Dee Dee Wentland

Position: Senior Secretary to the School of Cultural and Critical Studies
Phone: 419 372 2796; Fax: 419 372 0330
Email: dwentla@bgsu.edu
Address: 228 Shatzel Hall