Here are the Cadre of the Fighting Falcon Battalion. These Army officers and personnel motivate, educate, and prepare the cadets for commissioning as future 2nd Lieutenants in the U.S Army. Though our program is cadet-run, the Cadre supervise and advise the Battalion.

Current Cadre

Professor of Military Science / MS IV Instructor: LTC Douglas A. Mohler 419-372-2476

Executive Officer: MAJ Keith C. Katzenberger 419-372-0506

Senior Military Instructor / MS II Instructor: MSG Jaime L. Martinez 419-372-8880

MS III Instructor: SFC Kenneth D. Stephens 419-372-8427

MS I Instructor: Mr. Nathan A. Anderson 419-372-6869

Training & Operations Officer: Brett A. Green 419-372-8427

Recruiting Officer: Mrs. Marilyn DeWalt 419-372-9968

Logistics Manager: Mr. David Pfleger 419-372-9969

Human Resources Technician: Mrs. Linda Williams 419-372-8877

Human Resources Technician: Ms. Kerrie Kreisher 419-372-8000

Secretary: Ms. Carol Schermbeck 419-372-2476

Last Updated: 1/08/2013