SpColl 34: Popular Entertainment Photographs

Box T1
TitleBroadcast Dates
4 in Onen.d.
12 O'Clock High1964-1967
21 Beacon Street1959
21 Jump Street1987-1991
33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee1969
$64,000 Challenge, The1956-1958
77 Sunset Strip1958-1964
87th Precinct1961-1962
90 Bristol Court1964-1965
100 Grand1963
A-Team, The1983-1987
ABC Comedy Hour, The1972
ABC's Nightlife1964
Academy Awards(All)
Adam 121968-1975
Addams Family, The (animated)1973-1975
Adventures in Paradise1959-1962
Adventures of Jim Bowie, The1956-1958
Adventures of Ozzie and the Harriet, The1952-1966
Adventures of Superman1952-1958
Alan King and His Buddy1969
Alcoa-Goodyear Series1957-1960
Alcoa Premiere1961-1963
Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond1959-1961
Alfred Hitchcock Hour1962-1965
Alias Smith and Jones1971-1973
American Scene Magazine (with Jackie Gleason)1962-1966
American Sportsman, The1966
Androcles and the Lion1967
Andy Griffith Show1960-1968
Ann Sothern Show1958-1961
Annie Oakley1954-1956
Arrest and Trial1963-1964
Art Carney Meets Peter and the Wolf1958
Art Carney Show, The1959
Arthur Murray Party1950-1960
As Caesar Sees It1962
Asphalt Jungle1961
Babylon 51994-1998
Bachelor Father1957-1962
Banana Splits Adventure Hour1968-1970
Barbara Stanwyck Show, The1960
Barefoot in the Park1970-1971
Beautiful Phyllis Diller, The1968
Believers, The (a.k.a. The Invaders)1067-1968
Bell Telephone Hour1959-1968
Best of Dan Aykroyd1986
Best of John Belushi1985
Best of the Post1960
Big Red on Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color1964
Big Top, The1950-1957
Big Town1950-1956
Big Valley, The1965-1969
Bill Anderson Show, Then.d.
Bill Cosby Show, The1969-1971
Bill Dana Show, The1963-1965
Bing Crosby Show, The1964-1965
Blue Angels, The1960
Blue Light1966
Bob Crane Show, The1975
Bob Crosby Show, The1953-1957
Bob Cummings Show, The1955-1959
Bob Hope Presents, The Chrysler Theatre1963-1968
Bob Hope Show, The1952
Bold Journey1956-1959
Bold Ones, The1969-1972
Bold Venture1959
Boys Town Choirn.d.
Brady Bunch, The1969-1974
Brass Are Comin', The1969
Brave Eagle1955-1956
Breaking Point1963-1964
Brian Keith Show (a.k.a. The Little People)1972-1974
Bright Promise1969-1972
Broadway '69, The Tony Awards1969
Bronx Zoo, The1987-1988
Burke's Law1963-1966
Bus Stop1961-1962
Caesar's Hour1954-1957
Caesar Presents1955
Call My Bluff1965
Camp Runamuck1965
Can You Top This1950
Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion1955
Box T2
TitleBroadcast Dates
Card Sharksn.d.
Casey Jones1957
Celebrity Sweepstakes1974-1977
Championship Bridge with Charles Goren1959-1964
Charge Account (a.k.a. Jan Murray Show)1960
Charles Farrell Show, The1956
Chevy Show, The1959
Chevy Suspense Show, The1960
Chicago Story1982
Chico and the Man1974-1978
Children's Corner, The1955-1961
Chinese New Year's Specialn.d.
Cimarron City1958-1960
Closeup (a.k.a. Tex and Jinx Show)1957-1958
Club 601957
Club Oasis1958
Coke Time1953-1957
Colgate Comedy Hour, The1950-1955
Colt 451957-1960
Comedy Spot, The1960-1962
Connie Francis Show1961
Continental Classroom1961
Conversation with Eleanor Roosevelt, A1959
Conversation with Herbert Hoover, A1955
Conversations with Distinguished Persons1956
Cool Million1972-1973
Court of the Last Resort, The1957-1958
Courtship of Eddie's Father, The1969-1972
Cousteau Odyssey1977
Crime Story1986-1988
D.A., The1971-1972
Dan August1970-1971
Dan Raven1960-1961
Danny Thomas Hour1967-1968
Danny Thomas Show, The (a.k.a. Make Room for Daddy)1953-1965
Danny Thomas Special1964
Dark Shadows1966-1971
Date With Debbie1960
Date with the Angels1957-1958
Day in Court1963-1965
Day Like Today, A1964
Days of Our Lives1965-present
Dean Martin Show, The1965-1974
Debbie Reynolds Show, The1969-1970
December Bride1954-1959
Defenders, The1961-1965
Dennis the Menace1959-1963
Detectives Starring Robert Taylor, The1959-1962
Dick Cavett Show, The1968-1972
Dick Powell Show1961-1963
Diff'rent Strokes1978-1986
Dinah's Place1970
Dinah Shore Show, The (a.k.a. The Dinah Shore Special, The Dinah Shore Chevy Show)1951-1956
Ding Dong School1952-1956
Disneyland (a.k.a. Disney's Wonderful World of Color, Wonderful World of Disney, Disney's Wonderful World)1954-1990
Do You Trust Your Wife?1956-1963
Dobie Gillis (a.k.a. Many Loves of Dobie Gillis)1959-1963
Doctors, The1963-1982
Doctor's Hospital1975-1976
Don Knott's Show1970-1971
Don't Call Me Charlie1962-1963
Dough Re Mi1958-1960
Dow Hour of Great Mysteries1960
Dr. Spock1955
Dragnet1951-1959, 1967-1970
Dunninger Show, The1955
DuPont Show of the Week1961
Ed Sullivan Show1948-1971
Edge of Night1956-1984
Box T3
TitleBroadcast Dates
Ernie Kovacs Special, The1961
Esther Williams at Cypress Gardens1960
Eve Newhope Story, The1962
F.B.I., The1965-1974
Fabulous Shorts1968
Facts of Life, The1979-1988
Family Ties1982-1989
Faraday and Company1973-1974
Farmer's Daughter1963-1966
Father Knows Best1954-1960
Feliciano-Very Special1969
Fibber McGee and Molly1959-1960
Fighting Prince of Donegal, The1966
First Tuesday1969-1973
Five Fingers1959-1960
Flame in the Wind1964-1966
Flamingo Road1981-1982
Flip Wilson Show, The1970-1974
Follow the Sun1961-1962
Ford Star Jubilee1955-1956
Four Star Playhouse1952-1956
Ford Television Theatre (a.k.a. Ford Theatre)1952-1957
Frances Langford Presents1959
Frank Sinatra Show, The1957-1958
Frank Sinatra Timex Show (a.k.a. Bing Crosby and Dean Martin Present High Hopes)1960
From These Roots1958-1961
Fugitive, The1963-1967
Fun Factory1980
Funny Side, The1971
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the White House, A1966
Further Adventures of Ellery Queen1958-1959
Gale Storm Show1956-1960
Gallant Men, The1962-1963
Gemini Man, The1976
General Hospital1963-present
George Burns Show, The1958-1959
George Gobel Show1954-1960
Get Christie Love!1974-1975
Getting Together1971-1972
Ghost and Mrs. Muir1968-1970
Ghost Story1972-1973
Gimme a Break1981-1987
Girl with Something Extra, The1973-1974
Gisele Mackenzie Show, The1957-1958
Golden Girls, The1985-1992
Gong Show, The1976-1980, 1988-1989
Gordon MacRae Show1956
Grammy Awards1969
Grand Canyon—A Journey with Joseph Wood Krutch1964
Greatest Show on Earth, The1963-1964
Gumby Show, The1957
Guy Mitchell Show1957-1958
Haggis Baggis1958
Happy New Year1956
Harper Valley P.T.A.1981-1982
Harrigan and Son1960-1961
Harris against the World1964-1965
Hathaways, The1961-1962
Hawaiian Eye1959-1963
Hec Ramsey1972-1974
Hell Town1985
Here Come the Brides1968-1970
High Low Quiz1957
High Rollers1974-1988
Highway to Heaven1984-1989
Hill Street Blues1981-1987
Hollywood and the Stars1963-1964
Hollywood Ghost Stories1986
Hollywood March (w/ Mothers' March Special)1960
Hollywood Palace, The1964-1970
Hollywood Sings1960
Hollywood Squares (daytime/nighttime)1966-1982, 1983-1984, 1986-1989, 1998-2002
Holvak (a.k.a. The Family Holvak)1964
Honey West1965-1966
The Honeymooners1955-1971
Hong Kong1960-1961
Hot off the Wire (a.k.a. The Jim Backus Show)1960-1961
Box T4
TitleBroadcast Dates
House on High Street1959-1960
How to Survive a Marriage1974-1975
Howdy Doody1954-1959
Huckleberry Hound Show1958-1962
Hunter1984-1991, 2003
Huntley-Brinkley Report, The1956
I Dream of Jeannie1965-1970
I Love Lucy1951-1961
I Married Joan1952-1955
I Spy1965-1968
I'll Bet1965
I'm Dickens…He's Fenster1962-1963
Immortal, The1970-1971
Imogene Coca Show1954-1955
Incredible Hulk1978-1982
International Showtime1961-1965
Invaders, The (a.k.a. The Believers)1967-1968
Invisible Man1975-1976
It Could be You1956
It Couldn't Be Done1970
Box T5
TitleBroadcast Dates
It Takes Two1969-1970
It's a Great Life1954-1956
I've Got a Secret1952-1976
Jack Benny Program (Show), The1950-1977
Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theatre1955-1958
Jeannie Carson Show, The (a.k.a. Hey Jeannie)1956-1960
Jefferson Drum1958-1959
Jeopardy1974-1975, 1984-present
Jerry Lewis Show, The1967-1969
Jimmy Dean Show, The1957-1966
Jimmy Stewart Show, The1971-1972
Joey Bishop Show, The1961-1965
John Davidson Show, The1980 (1969-1976)
John Forsythe Show, The1965-1966
John Gunther's High Road1959-1960
Johnny Staccato1959-1960
Joker's Wild1976-1986, 1990-1991
Jubilee, U.S.A. (a.k.a. Ozark Jubilee)1955-1960
Keep Talking1958-1960
Kentucky Jones1964-1965
Kids from C.A.P.E.R.1976
Kids' Writes (Nickelodeon)n.d.
Kitty Foyle1958
Knight Rider1982-1986
Kraft Suspense Theatre1963-1965
Kraft Television Theatre1947-1958
Kukla and Ollie, Burr Tillstron's1969-1971
Landmark Jubilee of Starsn.d.
Las Vegas Musical Special1957
Leave it to Beaver1957-1963
Legend of Jesse James1965-1966
Let's Make a Deal1967-2003
Letter to Loretta (a.k.a. Loretta Young Show)1953-1961
Lewis & Clark (NBC special)1965
Lewis & Clark1981-1982
Lieutenant, The1963-1964
Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp1955-1961
Life of Riley, The1949-1958
Light in the Piazza1962
Lions are Free, The1968
Lineup, The1954-1960
Little House on the Prairie1974-1983
Live Wednesday (a.k.a. Dick Clark's Live Wednesday)1978
Lively Ones, The1962-1963
Lone Ranger1949-1957
Lone Westerner, The1960
Lone Wolf, The1954
Long Hot Summer, The1965-1966
Louvre, The1964
Love, American Style1969-1974
Love & Marriage1959-1960
Love, Sidney1981-1983
Lucky Partnersn.d.
Lunch with Soupy Sales1959-1962
Lux Video Theatre1950-1957
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade55th
Magic Land of Allakazam, The1960
Magnificent Marble Machine1975
Make a Face1961
Make That Spare1960-1964
Box T5
TitleBroadcast Dates
Mama's Family1983-1985
Man and the Challenge, The1959-1960
Man Called Shenandoah, A1965-1966
Martha Raye Show, The1955-1956
Martin Kane, Private Eye1949-1954
Mary Martin at Eastertime with the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes1966
Masquerade Party1952-1960
Master, The1984
Match Game, The1975-1982
Matinee Theatre1955-1958
Matt Dennis Show, The1955
Max Liebman Presents1954-1956
McClain's Law (a.k.a. The James Arness Show)1981-1982
McDuff, The Talking Dog1976
McHale's Navy1962-1966
McMillian and Wife1971-1977
Meet George Washington—A Project 20 Programn.d.
Meet McGraw1957-1958
Meet the Press1947-1965
Merry Andrew1958
Miami Undercover1961
Michael Shayne1960-1961
Mickey Rooney Show, The1954-1955
Midwestern Hayride1951-1959
Milton Berle Show, The1948-1967
Misfits of Science1985-1986
Miss America Pageant1954-
Miss Universe Pageant1955-
Mister Roberts1965
Modern Romances1954
Moment of Truthn.d.
Mona McCluskey1965-1966
Monday Night Special, The1972
Morning Court1960
Morning Star1965
Mouse on the Mayflower1968
Movin' On1974-1976
Mr. Adams and Eve1957-1958
Mr. Ed1961-1965
Mr. Peepers1952-1955
Mr. Roberts1965-1966
Mrs. America Pageantn.d.
Muppet Show, The1976-1981
Music Bingo1958
Music for a Winter Nightn.d.
Music on Ice1950's?
Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom1963-1971
My Favorite Husband1953-1957
My Mother the Car1965-1966
My Two Dads1987-1990
My World and Welcome to it1969-1972
NBC Children's Theatre1963-1973
NBC Experiment in Television1967-1971
NBC Follies1973
Naked City1958-1963
Name of the Game, The1968-1971
Name that Tune1953-1959, 1970-1971, 1974-1975, 1977 (syndicated version — 1974-1981, 1984-1985)
Nanny and the Professor1970-1971
National Velvet1960-1962
Needles and Pins1973
Never Too Young1965-1966
New Adventure of Huckleberry Fin1968-1969
New Breed, The1961-1962
New Comedy Seriesn.d.
Newlywed Game, The1967-1971 (daytime, 1966-1974/syndicated, 1977-1980), 1985, 1988, 1996-2000
Night Gallery1970-1973
No Time for Sergeants1964-1965
Number Please1961
On Parade1964
On Trial (a.k.a. The Joseph Cotton Show)1956-1959
On Your Account1953-1956
On Your Markn.d.
Our Man Higgins1962-1963
Our Miss Brooks1952-1956
Outer Limits, The1963-1965
Paper Chase, The1978-1979
Partners, The1971-1972
Password Plus1979-1982
Pat Boone-Chevy Showroom1957-1960
Pat Boone Show, The1957
Pat Boone Specialn.d.
Pendulum, The (a.k.a. The Vise)1954-1955
Perry Como Show, The1948-1963
Box T6
TitleBroadcast Dates
Perry Mason1957-1974
Personal Appearance Theatre (a.k.a. Joseph Schildkraut Presents, 1953-1954)1951-1952
Peter Loves Mary1960-1961
Petticoat Junction1963-1970
Peyton Place1964-1969
Phil Silvers Show, The1955-1959
Pied Piper of Hamlin1957
Pip the Piper1961
Place the Face1953-1955
Play Your Hunch1958-1963
Playwright's 56 (a.k.a. Pontiac's Playwright's 56)1955
Please Don't Eat the Daisies1965-1967
Police Woman1974-1978
Polly Bergen Show, The1957-1958
Porter Wagoner Show1960-1979
Portrait of Petulan.d.
Practice, The1976-1977
Price is Right, The1957-present
Private Eye1987-1988
Private Secretary1953-1957
Producer's Choice1960
Producer's Showcase1954-1957
Project XX (20)1954
Prudential's On Stage1969
Punky Brewster1984-1986
Puppet Playhouse1947
Queen for a Day1956-1964
Quincy M.E.1976-1983
Racket Squad1951-1953
Rags to Riches1987-1988
Range Rider1951-1952
Ranger Hal1957-1969
Ransom of Red Chief, The1959
Real McCoys1957-1963
Real People1979-1984
Rebel, The1959-1961
Red Shelton Show, The1951-1971
Restless Gun, The1957-1959
Richard Diamond, Private Detective1957-1960
Rifleman, The1958-1963
Road to Reality1960
Roaring 20's1960-1962
Robert Montgomery Presents1950-1957
Rockford Files, The1974-1980
Rod McKuen: The Loner1969
Rogues, the1964-1965
Rollin' on the River1971-1973
Room 2221969-1974
Room for One More1962
Route 661960-1964
Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans Show, The1962
Run, Joe, Run1974
Saga of Western Man1964
Saint, The1962
Sam Benedict1962-1963
Sanford and Son1972-1977
Say When1961-1965
Screen Director's Playhouse1955-1956
Seasons of Youth1961
See it Now1952-1955
September Affair1950
Sesame Street1969-
Seven Keys1961-1964
Shelly Berman: A Personal Appearance1962
Shirley Temple's Storybook1959-1961
Silent Force1970-1971
Silver Spoons1982-1986
Sing Along with Mitch1961-1966
Six Million Dollar Man, The1974-1978
Snap Judgment1967-1969
Soldiers, The1955
Speak up America1980
Spirit of the Alamo1960
Split Personality1959-1960
St. Elsewhere1982-1988
Stagecoach West1960-1961
Standard Oil Company 75th Anniversary Show, Then.d.
Star Performance (a.k.a. Four Star Playhouse)1952-1956
Star Trek1966-1969
Box T7
TitleBroadcast Dates
Steve Allen Show1956-1961
Steve Canyon1958-1960
Stoney Burk1962-1963
Stop the Music1949-1956
Storm Before the Calmn.d.
Story of …, Then.d.
Sunday Dinner1991
Sunday Showcase1959-1960
Sunday Spectacular1956
Sunshine Christmas1977
Super Password1984-1989
Super Sixn.d.
Surfside 61960-1962
TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes1984-1998
Tales of the Texas Rangers1958-1959
Tales of Wells Fargo1957-1962
Tall Man1960-1962
Tallahassee 70001961
Target: The Corruptors1961-1962
Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour (a.k.a. Ted Mack's Matinee1948-1970
Telephone Time1956-1958
Tennessee Ernie Ford Show, The1956-1961
Texan, The1958-1960
Thanksgiving Festivaln.d.
That Girl1965-1971
That Was the Week That Was1964-1965
Then Came Bronson1969-1970
Thin Man, The1957-1959
Third Bill Cosby Special, The1970
This is Tom Jones1969-1971
This is Your Life1952-1961
Those Whiting Girls1955-1957
Three on a Match1971-1974
Tic Tac Dough1956-1959 (daytime), 1957-1958 (nighttime), 1978-1986 (syndicated)
Today is Oursn.d.
Today Show1952-present
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet1950-1952
Tomorrow Show, The1973-1982
Tonight Show, The1954-present
Tony Awards1969
Top Cat1961-1962
Tournament of Roses Paraden.d.
Treasure Hunt1956-1959
Trial at Rouen, Then.d.
True Story1952-1961
Truth or Consequences1950-1958
Try Me for Sizen.d.
Twilight Zone1959-1964
Two for the Money1952-1957
Tycoon, The1964-1965
The Unexplained1970
The Untouchables1959-1963
Valentine's Day1964-1965
Vaughn Monroe Show1950-1955
Victor Borge Show, The1951
Vise, The (a.k.a. Detective's Diary)1954-1955
Voice of Firestone1962-1963
Walter Winchell Show, The1952-1960
Warner Bros. Presents1955-1956
Watch Mr. Wizard1951-1955
Web, The1950-1957
Wendy and Me1964-1965
West Wind1975
What's This Song1964
Wheel of Fortune1953, 1983-present
Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch1974-1975
Whistler, The1954
Who Said That?1948-1955
Wide Wide World1955-1958
Wide World Mystery1973
Willys Theatre Presentsn.d.
Window Shopping1962
Winning Streak1974-1975
Wizard of Odds1973-1974
Word for Word1963-1964
World Series Special1960
The World of Christmas1968
World Wide 601960
Yogi Bear Show, The1961-1988
You Bet Your Life1950-1961
You Don't Say1963-1975
Young Lawyers, The1970-1971
Young Marrieds, The1964-1966
Your Hit Parade1950-1974
Zoo Parade1950