SpColl 34: Popular Entertainment Photo Collection

Box M1
Title of FilmYear of Release
5 Against the House1955
40 Pounds of Trouble1962
55 Days at Peking1963
Acting on Impulse1993
After Tomorrow1932
Against All Flags1952
Agent for H.A.R.M.1966
Air Force One1996
All I Wanna Do (a.k.a. Strike!)1998
American Heart1992
And Now Miguel1966
Anna and the King1999
Another You1990
The Art of Love1965
Assignment, The1997
Back Street1961
Bamba, La1987
Band of Angels1957
Barbary Coast1935
Battle Stations1956
Beat Street1984
Beau Geste1966
Bedtime Story1964
The Benny Goodman Story1956
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas1982
Beyond Therapy1987
Beyond This Place1959
The Big Beat1958
The Big Country1958
Big Red1962
Big Tease1999
Black Shield of Falworth, The1954
Black Water1994
Black Widow1954
Blast of Silence1961
Blood of the Vampire1958
Blood on the Moon1948
Blue Angel, The1930
Blue Bird, The1918
Bobo, The1967
Body Double1984
Bombers B-521957
Bon Voyage1961
Booty Call1996
Borgia Stick, The1967
Boris Godunov1954
Born American1986
Box Office Bunny1991
The Boy Cried Murder1966
The Brass Battle1964
Brides of Dracula1960
Bridges at Toko-Ri1954
Bright Leaf1950
Bullet for a Badman1964
Bunny Lake is Missing1965
Burglars, The1972
Buried on Sunday1993
Bus Riley's Back in Town1965
Bus Stop1956
The Cain Mutiny1954
The Caine Muting Court Martial1955
Cape Fear1962
Captain Clegg (a.k.a. Night Creatures)1962
Captain Newman, M.D.1963
Cassandra Crossing, The1976
Chain of Fools2000
Chalk Garden, The1964
Chapman Report1962
Chartroose Caboose1960
Chicken Run1999
Child's Play 21990
City Beneath The Sea1953
City Slickers II1994
Coast to Coast1980
Come Live With Me1941
Come September1961
Coming to America1988
Command, The1954
Con Air1997
Cool and the Crazy, The1958
Cossacks, The (I cosacchi)1960
Counterfeit Plan, The1957
Crazy in Alabama1999
Crying Game1992
Curucu Beast of the Amazon1956
Custodian, The1993
D.C. Cab1983
D-Tox (a.k.a. Eye See You)2000
Damn the Defiant! 
Damn Yankees!1958
Box M2
Title of FilmYear of Release
Dance of the Damned1989
Dancer, Texas Pop. 811998
Dangerous Relations1993
Dangerously Yours1933
Darby's Rangers1958
Darker Than Amber1970
Darling Lili1968
David and Bathsheba1951
Day After Trinity1981
Day in October, A1992
Day of the Bad Man1958
Days of Wine and Roses1962
Dear Brigitte1965
Deep Rising1998
Desert Rats, The1953
Desire (a.k.a. Salt on our Skin)1992
Devil and Miss Jones, The1941
Devil's Widow, The1972
Diamond Head1963
Dish, The2000
Divorce—Italian Style1962
Doctor's Dilemma1958
Don Giovanni 
Donnie Brasco1997
Doomsday Flight, The1966
Doors, The1990
Dot & Keeto1986
Dr. Phibes Rises Again1972
Drugstore Cowboy1989
Duel in the Sun1946
East of Eden1955
Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives1989
Edge of Doom1950
Elena et les hommes (a.k.a. Elena and Her Men or Paris Does Strange Things)1956
Empire of the Sun1987
Envy (color slides)2003
Eve of Destruction1990
Every Which Way But Loose1978
Everything But the Truth1956
Evil of Frankenstein, The1964
Excess Baggage1997
Extreme Measures1996
Eye See You (a.k.a. D-Tox)2000
Face in the Crown, A1957
Fahrenheit 4511966
Family Thing, A1996
Fantastic Voyage1966
Far Horizons, The1955
Fatal Charm1993
Ferdinand the Bull1938
Fiend Without a Face1958
Fifth Element, The1997
Figaro: the Barber of Seville 
Fine Romance, A1993
First Deadly Sin1980
Fixer, The1968
Flower Drum Song1961
Fly Away Home1996
Footlight Parade1933
For Love or Money1963
Foreign Intrigue (a.k.a. Cross Current) 
Forgotten Commandments1932
Fort Apache, the Bronx1981
Four Girls in Town1957
Free Willy1993
Freud (a.k.a. Freud: The Secret Passion)1962
Full Metal Jacket1987
Full Tilt Boogie1998
Gambler from Natchez1954
Gaucho, The1927
Georgy Girl1966
Get on the Bus1996
Ghosts of Mississippi1996
Gift of Gab1934
Girl He Left Behind, The1956
Girls! Girls! Girls!1962
Gloria's Romance1916
Go Now1997
Going Steady1958
Gold Rush 
Golden Blade, The1953
Golden Child, The1986
Gone Fishin'1997
Gone With the Wind1939
Good Earth 
Good Will Hunting1997
Good-bye, My Lady1956
Grandes personnes, Les (a.k.a. Time Out For Love)1961
Greystroke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes1984
Gross Pointe Blank1997
Guidice, Il 
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral1957
Guns of August, The1964
Box M3
Title of FilmYear of Release
Half a Sixpence1967
Hav Plenty1998
Hawk, The1993
He Rides Fall1964
Head of a Tyrant (a.k.a. Giuditta e Oloferne)1959
Heavenly Body1944
Heavenly Kid1985
Helen Morgan Story, The1957
Henry & June1990
Hercules (animated)1997
Hide and Seek1963
High and the Mighty, The1954
High School High1996
Hit and Run1957
Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me1992
Home Before Dark1958
Hoofbeats (a.k.a. Running Free)1998-1999
Horizons West1952
Hot Spell1958
House of 1000 Corpses2001
House of Dark Shadows1970
House of Wax1953
House of Yes1997
Hudson Hawk1991
Hunchback of Notre Dame1996
I Can Get It For You Wholesale1951
I Dreamed of Africa1998
I Got the Hook-up1998
I Know What You Did Last Summer1997
I Take This Woman1940
I'd Rather Be Rich1964
If a Man Answers1962
I'll Do Anything1994
I'll Take Sweden1965
Immediate Family1989
In God's Hands1997
In Search of the Castaways1962
In the Bedroom2001
In Too Deep1999
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom1984
Into the Night1984
Inventing the Abbotts1997
Iron Eagle1988
Island of Lost Souls1932
Island of Terror1966
Island of the Blue Dolphins1964
Jamon Jamon1992
Jeremiah Johnson1972
Jerry Maguire1996
Jewel of the Nile1985
Joe Butterfly1957
Joe Dakota1957
John Carpenter's Vampires1998
Johnny Handsome1989
Johnny Tiger1966
Jungle 2 Jungle1997
Just Between Friends1986
Keep, The 
Killers, The1964
Killing Mrs. Tingle1999
Kiss of Evil1963
Kitten With A Whip1964
L.A. Story1990
Lady of the Tropics1939
Lady Takes a Flyer, The1958
Lady Without a Passport1950
Lafayette Escadrille1958
Land Before Time1988
Last of the Fast Guns, The1958
Last Party, The1993
Last Sunset, The1961
Last Wagon, The1956
Left Handed Gun, The1958
Legend of the Lone Ranger, The1981
Life Begins at 171958
Lion in Winter, The1968
List of Adrian Messenger, The1963
Little Big League1994
Little Fauss and Big Halsy1970
Lone Texan, The1959
Lonely in America1992
Long Walk Home, The1990
Longest Hundred Miles, The1967
Love Serenade1997
Love Slaves of the Amazon1957
Box M4
Title of FilmYear of Release
Love That Brute1950
Love Walked In1997
Lovers on the Bridge, The1999
Mädchen Rosemarie, Das1958-1960
Magnificent Seven, The1960
Major League 31998
Man and a Woman: 20 Years Later, A1986
Mansfield Park1999
Marilyn Monroe: a Life of the Actress 
Martians Go Home1989
Maximum Risk1996
McCabe and Mrs. Miller1971
McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force1965
Meet Me After the Show1951
Men in Black1997
The Midnight Oil1967
Midwinter's Tale, A1996
Mikado, The1967
Ministro Y Yo, El1976
Mio Dio come sono caduta in basso! (a.k.a. Till Marriage Do Us Part)1974
Miracle in the Rain1956
Mirror Has Two Faces, The1996
Mirror Images II1993
Mister Cory1957
Mister Moses1965
Mister Rock and Roll1957
Model by Day1994
Moment to Moment1965
Money, Women and Guns1959
Moon-Spinners, The1964
Morning Glory1993
Mouse Hunt1997
Moving Violation1976
Mulholland Drive2001
Murder on the Orient Express1974
Murder So Sweet (a.k.a. Poisoned by Love: The Kern County Murders)1993
Music Man, The1962
My Best Friend's Wedding1997
My Favorite Spy1951
My Girl 21994
My Life So Far1999
My Wife's Best Friend1952
Mystery at Tiger Bay 
Mystery Submarine1963?
Naked Brigade, The1965
Naked Earth1959
Naked in New York1993
Natural, The1984
Nearly a Nasty Accident1961
Neighbor, The1993
New York, New York1977
New York Stories1989
Next Karate Kid, The1994
Night Passage1957
Night Walker, The1964
Night Without Sleep1952
No Looking Back1997
No Time for Sergeants1958
Nothing But Trouble1991
Notorious Landlady1962
Nutty Professor II: The Klumps2000
October Sky1999
Oh, You Beautiful Doll1949
Old Man and the Sea, The1958
On Golden Pond1981
One Desire1955
One on One1977
One, Two, Three1961
Onion Field, The1979
Oregon Trail, The1959
Our Miss Brooks1956
Our Very Own1950
Out of Sight1966
Over the Edge1979
Padrecito, El1964
Painting the Clouds with Sunshine1951
Paper, The1994
Paper Marriage 
Paris Blues1961
Paris, Texas1984
Box M5
Title of FilmYear of Release
Passage to India, A1984
Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid1973
Pennies From Heaven1981
People vs. Larry Flynt, The1996
Peppermint Soda1979
Pest, The1997
Pete Kelly's Blues1955
Phantom of the Opera, The1962
Physical Evidence1989
Pick Up 
Picture Perfect1997
Piece of the Action, A1977
Poison Ivy: The New Seduction1997
Portrait in Black1960
Posse from Hell1961
Precious Find1996
The Pride of St. Louis1952
Prince and the Showgirl, The1957
Prince of the City1981
The Private Lives of Adam and Eve1960
Private War1988
The Private War of Major Benson1955
Producers, The1967
Projected Man, The1967
Proud Rebel1958
Purple Heart, The1944
Queen of Sheba, The1921
Queen of the Nile1962
Racers, The1955
Rachel, Rachel1968
Raiders of the Lost Ark1981
Random Hearts1998
Raw Wind in Eden1958
Red Dust1932
Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker, The1959
Restless Years, The1958
Return of the Secaucus Seven1980
Rhyme & Reason1997
Ride A Crooked Trail1958
Ride the High Country1962
Rip van Winkle 
Road to Wellville1994
Road Trip1999
Rock, Baby, Rock It!1957
Rock, Rock, Rock1956
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The1975
Romanoff and Juliet1961
Romper Stomper1992
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion1997
Room for One More1952
The Rose1979
Rumble on the Docks1956
Running Free (a.k.a. Hoofbeats)1998-1999
Running Man1987
Rustler's Rhapsody1985
Sad Horse, The1959
The Saga of the Hemp Brown1958
Salt on our Skin (a.k.a. Desire)1992
Santa Claws1996
Saturday Island1952
Saturday Night Fever1977
Scream 21997
Seven Beauties1975
Seven Men From Now1956
Seven Surprizes1963
Seven Ways from Sundown1960
Seven Years in Tibet1997
Sex Madness1937
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1978
Shadow Over Elveron1968
Shall We Dance1937
Shawshank Redemption1994
She's So Lovely1997
Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend1957
Short Eyes1977
Short Time 
Singin' in the Rain1952
Sink the Bismarck1960
Sins of the Night1993
Sky Above – The Mud Below, The 
Slappy and the Stinkers1997
Box M6
Title of FilmYear of Release
Slim Carter1957
Small Time Crooks1999
So I Married an Axe Murderer1993
The Sound of Music1965
Sour Grapes1997
Spice World1997
Spirit of St. Louis, The1957
Spy Who Loved Me1977
Stalag 171953
Star in the Dust1956
Starship Troopers1997
Start the Revolution Without Me1970
Statue, The1971
Steel Jungle, The1956
Story of Mankind, The1957
Story of Three Lovers 
Stringer (a.k.a. Prime Time Murder)1993
Stuart Little1998
The Subject was Roses1968
Summer of '421971
Sunset Boulevard1950
Sunset Strip1999 (2000)
Swept from the Sea1996
Swing Time1936
Sword of Ali Baba1965
T.R. Baskin1971
Talk of Angels1997
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie1990
Teenage Rebel1956
Temptation Harbour1947
Ten Little Indians1965
Ten Seconds to Hell1959
Thank God It's Friday1978
That Darn Cat1964
That Wonderful Urge1948
That's Dancing!1984
Thief of Hearts1984
This Earth is Mine1959
This Happy Feeling1958
This is Elvis1981
This Island Earth1955
Threat, The1960
Three Came Home1950
Three Ninjas1997
Thrill of it All, The1963
Thunder in the East1952
Ticket to Tomahawk, A1950
Till Marriage Do Us Part (a.k.a. Mio Dio come sono caduta in basso!1974
To Catch a Thief1955
To Jillian On Her 37th Birthday1996
Tom & Jerry: the Movie1992
Too Much, Too Soon1958
Top Hat1935
Top Secret Affair1957
Tortilla Flat1942
Toward the Unknown1956
Toxic Avenger, The1984
Toy Soldiers1990
Traitors, The1962
Transylvania 6-50001985
Trial, The1962
Trials of Henry Kissinger2002
Truth About Spring, The1964
Truth or Consequences, N.M.1996
Turbo: A Power Rangers Adventure1997
Twilight For the Gods1958
Ugly American, The1963
Umberto D1955
Uncle Tom's Cabin1987
Under Siege1992
The Unguarded Moment1956
Until They Sail1958?
Used People1992
Very Special Favor, A1965
Violent Road1958
Virginian, The1929
Wagon Tracks1919
Wait 'Til the Sun Shines, Nellie1952
Waiting for Guffman1996
Walk Like a Dragon1960
War Hunt1962
The War Lord1965
Box M7
Title of FilmYear of Release
Waterloo Bridge1940
We Work Again1937
Weekend at Bernies 21993
West Side Story1961
White Cargo1942
White Feather1955
White Men Can't Jump1992
White Sister1933
Who's That Girl?1987
Widow of Saint-Pierre2000
The Wild and the Innocent1959
Wild and Wonderful1964
Wild Angels, The1966
Wild Pack, The1972
Wild Seed1965
Wild Wild Winter1966
Wind Across the Everglades1958
Wings of Chance1961
Wings of the Dove1997
Witchcraft V: Dance With the Devil1993
Wizard of Oz1939
Women, The (Two Women?) 
Wonderful to Be Young (a.k.a. The Young Ones)1961
World According to Garp1982
Wuthering Heights1971
Young Guns1988
The Young Savages1961
Oversize Movie Still Photographs
TitleYear of Release
Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother1975
Give 'Em Hell Harry!n.d.
Miscellaneous Photographs
1Burlesque Stars (?)
(Note: Must be 18 or older to view)
2Circus Photographs
Some from Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus, P.T. Barnum's Show, Zeynard's Lilliputian Circus, and some unidentified photos
1800's - 1960's (scattered)
3Road Shows (e.g. Touring Shows)
Shows included: Shipstars & Johnson Ice Follies, Miss Rodeo America, Holiday on Ice, Sam Snyder's Water Follies