Education Bibliography

MS 16 Guitteau, William Backus (1877-1963)
Papers, 1884-1963.
Toledo, Ohio
Correspondence, papers, and scrapbooks. Scrapbooks include newspaper clippings concerning education, politics, and social life in Toledo, Ohio. (1 linear ft.)

MS 27 Mary Manse College (Toledo, Ohio)
Records, 1922-1975.
Toledo, Ohio
Administrative records, correspondence, subject files, literary productions, legal and financial documents, scrapbooks, printed material, photographs, and audio tapes of a Catholic educational institution for women. (91 linear ft.)

MS 68 mf Popular Culture Association
Convention proceedings, 1975-1976.
Conferences sponsored by Bowling Green State University and other institutions. Microfilm

MS 73 mf Pi Omega Pi
Records, 1927-
Minutes of the National Council, yearbooks, reports, and publications of business education honorary. Microfilm

MS 81 Bowling Green Education Association
Records, 1954-1978.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Executive committee and general minutes, negotiations, and miscellaneous publications. (2 linear ft.)

MS 84 Once Upon a Time in Ohio
Scripts, 1941-1970.
Radio scripts for a series of juvenile programs on Ohio history, co-produced by the Ohio State University Radio WOSU and the Ohio Historical Society. (4.5 linear ft.)

MS 87 Edwin Lincoln Moseley (1865-1948)
Papers, 1869-1951.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Correspondence, research notes, financial and legal documents of an early faculty member of Bowling Green State University. (2 linear ft.)

MS 90 Ohio College Association: Women's Physical Education Section
Records, 1920-1988.
Minutes, constitutions, bylaws, correspondence, membership lists, financial reports, subject files, and biographies of an organization devoted to promoting "cooperation among departments of physical education in colleges and universities in the state of Ohio."

MS 95 Elden T. Smith
Papers, 1939-1961.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Correspondence, playbills, and photographs related to BGSU Drama Department faculty member documenting his career at BGSU and his relationship with Irish dramatist Lenox Robinson.

MS 96 Ivan "Doc" Lake (1901-1967)
Papers, 1911-1971.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Newspaper clippings, subject files, printed material, correspondence, and manuscript material related to the history of Bowling Green State University and early BGSU activities.

MS 97 Rea McCain (1882-1973)
Papers, 1916-1974.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Correspondence, manuscripts, published writings and miscellaneous research materials of the first chair of the Department of English at BGSU.

MS 98 Esther Irene Brisbin (b. 1899)
Papers, 1918-1924.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Notebooks, sketchbooks, programs, receipts and photographs of a student attending Bowling Green State Normal College.

MS 99 Homer B. Williams (1865-1943)
Papers, 1912-1937.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Speeches given by Williams while he served as the first president of Bowling Green State University. Also included are notes taken for speeches, papers prepared for meetings of the Town and Gown Club, and news clippings on the growth and development of Bowling Green State University.

MS 100 James R. Overman (1888-1978)
General correspondence, research notes and manuscript of the history of Bowling Green State University and other mathematics textbooks written by a BGSU professor.

MS 102 Clayton C. Kohl (1875-1938)
Papers, 1900-1938.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Speeches and writings on history, sociology, psychology and education, as well as issues of university and community concern of a senior faculty/administration member of Bowling Green State University.

MS 239 Epsilon Pi Tau
Records, 1929-
Minutes, membership directories, correspondence, biographical files, chapter files, financial records, programs, and photographs of Industrial Arts honorary. (51 linear ft.)

MS 248 Sandusky Business College
Records, 1907-1949.
Sandusky, Ohio
Student records, financial records and published material regarding the school. A financial ledger from a Dry Goods and Grocery Store, in Flat Rock, Ohio 1851-1868, is also included in this collection.

MS 272 Delta Kappa Gamma, Delta Rho Chapter
Records, 1973-2006
Perrysburg, Ohio
Minutes, membership records, handbook, constitution, presidents’ notebooks, monthly newsletters, social activity pamphlets, photographs, slides, and artifacts documenting the activities of a professional honorary society of female educators.

MS 289 Mary Elizabeth Whitney Collection
Papers, 1911-1982
Memorial letters, memoir, photographs, and art prints of a teacher of dance at Bowling Green State University.

MS 290 Faculty Dames/University Women
Records, 1930-1990.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Meeting minutes, correspondence, programs, and newsletters of this Bowling Green State University organization (1 linear ft.)

MS 306 R. Serge Denisoff Collection
Papers, 1960-1990.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Manuscripts by a Bowling Green State University professor of sociology, including those for three of his books on popular music, as well as for edited volumes, articles, and conference papers.

MS 319 American College Personnel Association
Records, 1938-
Minutes, reports, correspondence, financial files, audio and photographic material, and publications. (35 linear ft.)

MS 350 Evelyn Steidtmann (1901-2004)
Papers, 1944-1994.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Correspondence, programs, membership rosters, instruction materials documenting the social life of a Bowling Green, Ohio woman, especially emphasizing her role in teaching contract bridge in the university and off-campus community. Her work with foreign students is also documented.

MS 352 Kathryn Ziegler Jeska
Papers, 1936-1940.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Scrapbook, account ledger, and photographs of a young woman while she was a student at Bowling Green State University between 1936 and 1940

MS 376 Stuart Givens (1924-2004)
Papers, 1910-1985.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Research files for The Falcon Soars. One-half cubic foot.

MS 377 Phillips Family
Papers, 1844-1976.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Correspondence, educational files and scrapbooks of George A. Phillips, a Black educator; diaries kept by Myrtle Phillips, his wife; assorted family albums with genealogical information from Paulding County and Cincinnati. (4.5 linear ft.)

MS 391 National Association of Student Personnel Administrators
1919 to the present
Established as the National Association of Deans and Advisors of Men in 1929, this association's collection includes over 130 cubic feet of executive committee/board of directors proceedings, officer and central office correspondence and reports, region and division files, financial and membership records, convention and committee files, foundation files, inter-association files, publications, and photographic and audio/visual materials.

MS 419 Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA)
Records, 1924 to the present
Includes minutes of OMEA, correspondence, committee and subject files on topics ranging from standards and curriculum development to legislative support for arts education, material on contests and competitions held regionally and statewide, conference materials, publications, photographs, and recordings of performances by school groups given at OMEA annual conventions.

MS 422 mf Western Reserve Normal School
Records, 1831-1948.
Milan, Ohio
Board of Trustees proceedings, catalogs, legal files, and correspondence relating to Western Reserve Normal School and its predecessor, the Huron Institute. Microfilm

MS 441 Ohio Association for Women in Education
Formerly the Ohio Association for Women Deans, Administrators, and Counselors, this association's collection includes five cubic feet of Executive Board proceedings, officer correspondence, committee and convention files, financial and membership reports, inter-association files, publications and scrapbooks.

MS 449 BGSU Oral History Collection
Papers and Sound Recordings, 1985-1997.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Oral history transcripts and audio tapes of interviews with people associated with BGSU history, documenting 67 interviews with 64 individuals, most collected in conjunction with BGSU’s 75th anniversary. 2 linear feet.

MS 490 BGSU Sports History Notebooks
Sports Management (SM) 2210
Notebooks, 1915-2010
Bowling Green, Ohio
Notebooks containing rosters of sports played at BGSU, some articles and interview transcripts.

MS 504 H. Glendon Steele (1910-1985)
Papers, 1930-1985
Bowling Green, Ohio
Diary, lecture notes, poetry and other manuscripts written by a professor of English at BGSU.

MS 541 Wood County Retired Teachers Association
Records, 1969-2003.
Bowling Green, Ohio.
Scrapbooks with photographs, programs, and clippings, with one notebook that includes typed minutes for the period from 1973 to 1989.

MS 554 National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Inc. (NACURH)
Records, 1960-2008
Collection includes administrative files, committee and subject files, conferences, correspondence, inter-association files, national residence hall honorary, publications, and regions.

MS 557 American Association of University Women (Fostoria, Ohio Branch)
Records, 1950-1988.
Fostoria, Ohio
Proceedings, some correspondence, membership and financial information, yearbooks or programs, newsletters, and five scrapbooks.

MS 565 Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Records, 1962-1995.
Minutes, reports, correspondence, publications, newsletters, committee reports, and conference files (7 linear ft.)

MS 583 Harold Obee (1915-1989)
Papers, 1906-1988.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Research and professional papers of Dr. Harold Obee, who served as faculty member of the Department of Theater at Bowling Green State University, also directing productions at the Huron Playhouse for the University's summer theater program. The collection includes much source material regarding the development and history of community and college theaters in Ohio.

MS 635 Frank C. Ogg (1899-1976)
Papers, 1859-1970.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Personal papers of Dr. Frank C. Ogg, who served as a faculty member and chairman of the Department of Mathematics at Bowling Green State University. The collection documents both his professional and family life.

MS 636 Dr. Charles Barrell (1909-1992)
Papers, 1940-1985.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Personal papers of Dr. Charles Barrell, who served 1940-1974 as professor of Political Science at Bowling Green State University and 1967-1981 on the Bowling Green City Council.

MS 642 BGSU Faculty and Student Folklore Collection
Papers, 1951-1983.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Supervised student research projects completed for BGSU folklore classes in the English and Popular Culture Departments, especially strong in interviews about aspects of folk culture in northwest Ohio, including stories, crafts, and music.

MS 660 Women's League/Women's Self-Government Association/ Association of Women Students
Records, 1918-1970.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Records of the Bowling Green State University organization which established rules of conduct, dress and hours for all women students, including minutes, constitution, correspondence, and activities of the group.

MS 674 Clare Martin (1888-1982)
Papers, 1923-1953
Bowling Green, Ohio
Class scrapbooks, personal papers, family papers, research and lecture material, and published and unpublished writings. The collection of scrapbooks is made up of class work for each school year at Bowling Green State University by a faculty member.

MS 680 mf Ashland University
Records, 1884-1937.
Ashland, Ohio
University historical records, including Board of Trustees minutes from 1888-1934, 1935-1937, the Charter and bylaws, and a scrapbook. Microfilm

MS 682 R. S. Phillips
Papers, 1899-1993
Correspondence, subject files, literary and printed materials, and photographs of educator R. S. Phillips. Most important items are Phillips Journal, field notes and bird observation cards made in the Findlay, Ohio, area, 1940-1993, containing weekly bird counts, while the observation cards track the bird by species.

MS 702 Susan R. Komives
Papers, 1966-2012
Publications, presentations, subject files, correspondence, awards, and audio-visual materials of an academic student affairs administrator who was influential as a teacher, speaker, leader, and writer in student affairs administration.

MS 704 Mickey (Maxine) Campbell Welker
Papers, 1941-1982.
Personal papers documenting high school and college life in Adrian, Michigan and Bowling Green State University, and alumni activities of the Greater Toledo Chapter.

MS 708 Pearson Games Collection
Bowling Green, Ohio
Papers, 1982-1986, and scattered dates
Correspondence, research notes, and production drafts and final version of two games developed at BGSU, BG-opoly and BGSU Trivia.

MS 713 Jesse and Florence Currier Collection
Papers, 1906-1977.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Personal and professional papers documenting the careers of a husband and wife at Bowling Green State University. The collection includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, and photographs.

MS 724 Philip F. O'Connor Collection
Papers, 1960s-1994
Bowling Green, Ohio
Correspondence, literary manuscripts, books, and printed material by novelist and co-founder of Bowling Green State University's Creative Writing Program. Rare Books collection.

MS 745 Bowling Green State University Creative Writing Program
Bachelor of Fine Arts Theses, 1977-    .
Bowling Green, Ohio
Senior theses submitted in partial fulfillment for the requirements of a BFA in Creative Writing at Bowling Green State University. Rare Books Collection.

MS 753 Bowling Green State University Retirees Association
Papers, 1998-present
Bowling Green, Ohio
Proceedings, subject files, newsletters and photographs from this organization of retired university employees.

MS 757 Doyt Perry Collection
Papers, 1929-1992.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Covers the period from 1929-1992 with emphasis on Perry's BGSU football coaching career. In this collection there are newspaper articles, photos, taped and transcribed interviews, scrapbooks, programs, football films, profiles of players, coaches and administration, correspondence, and audio and video recordings.

MS 760 Delta Kappa Gamma, Nu Chapter
Records, 1939-1988
Bowling Green, Ohio
Minutes, membership records, handbook, constitution, presidents’ notebooks, monthly newsletters, social activity pamphlets, photographs, slides, and artifacts documenting the activities of a professional honorary society of female educators.

MS 770 Association for Theatre in Higher Education
The ATHE Collection incorporates material of three main groups: UCTA (University/College Theatre Association), ATHE (Association for Theatre in Higher Education), and ATHE Forum Groups. A preliminary inventory is available online.

MS 772 Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Papers, 1946-present.
Minutes, membership and convention files, financial and printed material, photographic and audio-visual items from this organization.

MS 775 Frederick Eckman Collection
Papers, 1940s-1997
Bowling Green, Ohio
Correspondence, literary manuscripts, books, and printed material by poet and co-founder of Bowling Green State University's Creative Writing Program. Special Collection B.

MS 795 Robert Brown Collection
Papers, 1963-1999
Professional papers, publications, speeches, and awards of a former president of the American College Personnel Association (1989-1990) and editor of the Journal of College Student Development (1983-1988). National Student Affairs Archives.

MS 796 James McBride Collection
Papers, 1965-1985
Huron, Ohio
Subject files, scrapbooks and audiotapes belonging to the first Dean of BGSU's Firelands Campus.

MS 918 Merl B. Smith Collection
Papers, 1930s-1970s
Toledo, Ohio
Personal papers and teaching notes used by a Toledo physician as a medical educator, as well as notes, papers, and publications associated with his service with the U.S. Army Air Force as a flight surgeon.

MS 989 Gamma Sigma Alpha, National Greek Academic Honor Society
Papers, 1955-1998
Dissertations on topics concerning student life at colleges and universities, especially regarding academic achievement and Greek letter societies.

MS 990 Lake Township High School Collection
Collection, 1918-1961
Wood County, Ohio
Includes student yearbook photos, athletic team pictures and candid shots, as well as administrative data from Lake Township High School.

MS 991 Frances Wolf Galloway Papers
Papers, 1945-1950, 1970
Bowling Green, Ohio
Includes photographs, documents, news clippings, and memorabilia from each year of the enrollment of a BGSU student. The collection also includes a Wood County sesquicentennial celebration scrapbook (1970) and a photograph of the Pioneer class taken in 1999, as well as a small amount of other family material.

MS 992 William E. Evans Papers
Papers, 1984-1989
Includes speeches, subject files, clippings and other material documenting the work of a Bowling Green State University alumnus and noted marine biologist.

MS 995 Charles E. Perry (1937-1999)
Collection, 1965-2002
Correspondence, printed materials, photographs, and other memorabilia documenting the athletics fundraising work of a BGSU alumnus and the dedication of the Charles E. Perry Fieldhouse at BGSU.

MS 1000 Cunningham Family
Papers, 1933-1946
Bowling Green, Ohio
Scrapbooks, diaries and journals while attending Bowling Green High School, BGSU, and wartime scrapbooks of Harriet and Don Cunningham.

MS 1065 mf Yvonne Slyker Cave Collection
Photographs, ca. 1945-1948
Bowling Green, Ohio
Snapshots, including many taken during her years as a student at Bowling Green State University between 1945 and her graduation with the Class of 1948.

MS 1071 A. Rolando Andrade
Papers, 1959-2006
Bowling Green, Ohio
Subject files, literary productions, scrapbooks, printed and photographic material, and audio recordings of an Associate Professor in Ethnic Studies at Bowling Green State University. Dr. Andrade developed the "Summer in Mexico" program, founded Educators in College Helping Hispanics Onward, organized the Latino Network Committee of BGSU, and served as chair for BGSU's Human Rights and Cultural Diversity committees, as well as many other activities reflected in this collection.

MS 1088 Harvey Dean Miner
Papers, 1935-1975
Bowling Green, Ohio
Subject files, literary productions, maps, printed materials and photographs of an instructor of industrial arts at Ohio high schools and at Bowling Green State University.

MS 1091 Margit Heskett
Collection, 1920s-2008
Bowling Green, Ohio
Correspondence, subject files, photographs, and choreography notes, documenting the life and work of the professor of dance and ethnic studies at Bowling Green State University.

MS 1106 Wankelman Family
Papers, 1880-1977
Family photographs and documents and artifacts regarding the Kiwanis Club and Masons belonging to Frederick Wankelman, father of William Wankelman, a member of the BGSU art faculty.

MS 1109 Delta Kappa Gamma. Alpha Delta State Branch
Papers, 1948-1989
Meeting minutes, member lists, handbook, legislative updates, correspondence, committee reports, news clippings, convention information, workshop programs, northwest Ohio yearbooks, music books, and artifacts.

MS 1124 United States Latino Issues
Papers, 1970-2003
Subject files, reports, and printed material documenting communication between BGSU's Latino Student Union and other organizations throughout the U.S., as well as issues of concern to the students on such subjects as bilingual/bicultural programming, scholarships, festivals, Latino Culture and Arts and employment, including national Migrant issues.

MS 1126 President Ralph McDonald Controversy Collection
Papers, 1956-1971
Committee minutes and reports, correspondence, literary productions, clippings, and printed material related to the series of events that culminated in the resignation of Dr. Ralph McDonald as the fourth President of BGSU.

MS 1129 Brad Phalin Photograph Collection
Material relating primarily to Phalin’s role as yearbook photographer for BGSU’s The Key from 1987-1989.

MS 1130 Jack Vivian Photograph Collection
Includes handwritten notes of Jim Gordon’s interview with BGSU Ice Hockey Coach Jack Vivian, and photographs and negatives of the team and Jack Vivian during games and practices. There are also images of the hockey team enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at the Vivian house in November 1968.

MS 1131 William Burl Thomas Papers
Papers, 1920-1987
Fiction, memoirs, and book collecting notes by a BGSU faculty member.

MS 1136 Nancy G. Steen
Collection, 1978-2004
Bowling Green, Ohio
Correspondence, reviews, bibliographies, videographies and discographies, as well as printed material and photographs documenting the interests of the former Rare Books Librarian of Bowling Green State University. The collection's strengths include opera and tenor Jose Carreras and Bowling Green native figure skater Scott Hamilton.

MS 1149 Bruce Bellard
Papers, 1939-2000
Bowling Green, Ohio
Includes correspondence, literary material, legal documents, scrapbooks and clippings, photographs and artifacts documenting the life of Bruce Bellard from high school through college, his teaching/coaching career at BGSU, to his retirement and life as an elected official of the City of Bowling Green.

MS 1151 George Clemans Papers
Papers, 2009-2010
Bowling Green, Ohio
Includes correspondence, research files, and interviews assembled by the author in writing a history of the Chemistry Department at Bowling Green State University.

MS 1162 Eric Mull Photograph Collection
Collection, 1989-1991
Bowling Green, Ohio
Includes of one cubic foot of photograph material relating to Bowling Green State University and off-campus student life.

MS 1173 Joseph Gillian Papers
Papers, 1934-1957
Portage, Ohio
Includes information documenting small-town Northwest Ohio educational history, as well as the home-front during the Second World War. Newspaper clippings and scrapbooks deal with the basketball programs in the Portage Village school district, as well as more general information about life in Portage, giving context to the social history of Northwest Ohio.

MS 1174 Sue Hager Collection
Papers, 1971-1976
Office files including practice and game plans to tournament details and programs, with artifacts and various other materials included, documenting the tenure of Sue Hager as Women's Basketball Coach at Bowling Green State University.

MS 1175 "BGSU Women’s Basketball: A Legacy of Excellence" Collection
Papers, 2008-2010 (covers history 1962-2010)
Documents the production of the documentary of this title, as well as research files on the history of the BGSU Women’s Basketball program, including interview transcripts, unedited video interviews, and photographs. Hager’s and Weiss’ papers were donated individually but combined together in this collection.

MS 1182 Joseph Rudinger Collection
Papers, 1970-2003
Collected by a professor emeritus of the BGSU Popular Culture Department, includes student folklore projects, including examples of material culture, foodways, folk culture, folk tales, family lore, and humor. There are also approximately 15,000 to 16,000 index cards from 1972 to 2003, each with a single example of beliefs, traditions, sayings, legends, jokes, and riddles. The majority were collected in the Firelands area of the Western Reserve, representing folklore transmission and variation on a micro level. Researchers can trace changes over the time period. Also included are audio recordings of folk tales and folk music.

MS 1186 Ridge Street Elementary School Collection
Collection, 1940s-2013
Principal’s Albums, newspaper clippings documenting student and staff activity in the school and in the community; as well as several photographs, slides, student artwork, and printed material.

MS 1188 Ohio Council of Higher Education Retirees Collection
Collection, 1992-2012
Minutes and reports related to the organization’s meetings.

MS 1207  W. Heinlen Hall Collection
Papers, 1931-2003
Collection comprised of correspondence and files relevant to Dr. Hall's years as a professor of chemistry at Bowling Green State University.  Research strengths include chemistry student WWII service and Dr. Hall's committee and civil defense activities during the university's post war transition.

MMS 329 May Lambert
Papers, 1913-1915
Bowling Green, Ohio
Scrapbook (on microfilm and online), lesson plans and papers, and observation book (from Lagrange School in Toledo), of a student in the early days of Bowling Green Normal College

MMS 1020 Ohio Genealogical Society. Wood County Chapter
Wood County Schoolhouse Project, 1988
Wood County, Ohio
Background information sheets collected as part of the Wood County Schoolhouse Project, covering all one-room schools in Wood County, Ohio.

MMS 1454 mf  Annie R. Stuart
Diary, 1861-1862
Seneca County, Ohio
Diary describing a woman's activities included some school teaching, courtship, and marriage as well as domestic chores. During this time, her husband and brother served in the Union army.

MMS 1767 Claudia Lomady Amstutz
Papers, 1969-1973.
Certificates, programs, correspondence, and printed material of a BGSU student in the College of Musical Arts.

MMS 1787 Frances M. Travis
Scrapbook, 1930-1932.
Scrapbook of a student at BGSU.

MMS 1796 Bernard Rabin (1917-2004)
Scrapbook, 1961-1962
Scrapbook compiled by a faculty member of clippings, correspondence, and memos related to the unrest and controversy at Bowling Green State University during the last year of the Ralph W. McDonald presidency of the university, particularly issues surrounding dismissal of faculty member Sherman M. Stanage and subsequent protests.

MMS 1835 Marjorie Louise Hartman
Scrapbook, 1928-1938.
Scrapbook of a student at BGSU, including mementos of teaching in Crawford County, Ohio schools.

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