Using the Collections


A few basic procedures are listed below which provide for both the access to and continued preservation of the historically valuable documents at the CAC.

  1. The CAC is open to the public and welcomes both on-campus and off-campus users. Our hours are more limited than the main floor.
  2. All materials at the CAC are in closed stacks and do not circulate. Patrons wishing to examine CAC materials must complete a researcher request form.
  3. All CAC materials appear in the BGSU catalog or in a finding aid. For geneaological resources, visit our Northwest Ohio Resources webpage.
  4. Visitors may bring computers, paper, pencil, and necessary notebooks into the research room. No pens are allowed, and food and drink are prohibited. All other materials must be stored in lockers provided by the CAC.
  5. Photocopying and scanning services are available at the CAC, using a BG-1 copy card. CAC staff reserve the right to prohibit the copying of rare or fragile documents.
  6. Hi-res scanning services are available as time permits. Requests are handled by CAC staff who reserve the right to prohibit the scanning of rare or fragile documents. Costs are charged per image scanned. Please see our services for more information.