Local Government Records

The Center for Archival Collections, in cooperation with the Ohio Historical Society, is the official repository and archives for historical local government records for a 19-county area in northwestern Ohio. Counties include:

Records are arranged alphabetically by office of origin. County records are listed first, followed by municipalities, townships, and school districts.

Policy on Confidential Materials in Public Records

Ohio Revised Code 149.43 mandates the confidentiality of public records which pertain to physical or psychiatric examinations, adoptions, probation and parole proceedings. With these records, access only will be provided with the Director's permission, provided names have been eliminated where possible, and the researcher has signed the Confidentiality Agreement. Certain records also require researchers to obtain the written permission from the director of the originating agency.

Researchers wishing to access restricted records from the Children's Services Board should contact the Probate Judge of the originating county and follow those instructions for getting written permission to access information in the records.

Researchers interested in contemporary records, especially those involving specific court cases, arrests and their disposition, or any record not listed here on the CAC's inventories should contact the County Courthouse where the events took place for more information.