Database Credit

Robert W. Graham - Archivist, Historical Collections of the Great Lakes
Overall project management including workflow and scanning, and quality control of data.

Robert D. McLaird - Coordinator, Digital Initiatives, BGSU University Libraries
Interface design and Web site creation, search engine and database design, programming, and management

Melinda Charter - Data Entry Operator
Scanning, data entry, workflow management

Susan Frost - Administrative Secretary
Budget, purchasing, correspondence, reports

Special thanks to all the BGSU students who worked on the Historical Collections of the Great Lakes Databases:

Vessels Databases: Jill Flowers, Tim Hoyt, Ivor Lewis, Vasana Wijetunge

Ports Databases: Tim Hoyt

Personnel Databases: Tim Hoyt, Brent Fisher

Funding for These Projects

These projects received funding from the National Maritime Heritage Grants Program of the National Park Service and the Coastal Zone Management Act, administered by the Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration through the Ohio Coastal Management Program, administered by the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Real Estate and Land Management.

We would also like to thank Russell Plumb for donating his extensive data sets from Great Lakes Red Books and other directories and sources and William A. Wallace for providing the Pittsburgh Steamship Company appointments, 1915-1940 used in the Personnel Database.