Project Governance Committees & Partnerships

IT project governance provides direction and oversight to BGSU's IT strategy, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives and University priorities. Through a monthly process of receiving, evaluating and approving projects, these committees ensure ITS's project activities support the BGSU mission.  Hundreds of requests are received each year, further supporting the need to understand and control the direction of ITS and departmental resources.

Executive Sponsors Committee (ESC)

Comprised of cabinet/VP level members who are the final authority in the governances process.  Disputes, significant updates, or high-level decisions are escalated to ESC for final resolution.  Meets on the second Monday of each month.


Viva McCarver | Human Resources

Cecilia Castellano | Enrollment Management

Jodi Webb | Student Affairs

Amy West | Marketing & Brand Strategy

Mike Ogawa | Research & Economic Engagement

Pam Conlin | University Advancement

Alex Goberman | Graduate College

Joe Whitehead | Office of the Provost

Sheri Stoll | Finance & Administration

Bob Moosbrugger | Intercollegiate Athletics

Glenn Davis | Office of the Provost


John Ellinger | Information Technology Services

Sheri Thomas | Information Technology Services

Joel Arakaki | Information Technology Services

Software Integration Committee (SIC)

Comprised of department-head-level members who provide initial review and approval, suggesting a priority on each project prior to submission to the Executive Sponsors Committee (ESC).  Meets on the first Thursday of each month.


Brad Leigh | Business Operations

Chris Bullins | Office of the Dean of Students

Andy Alt | Office of the Provost

Beth Ann Rife/Bonne Harrell | Human Resources

Beth Detwiler | Marketing & Brand Strategy

Bob Swanson | Controller’s Office

Michelle Rable/Sue Lau | Registration and Records

Adrea Spoon | Admissions

Betsy Johnson/John Eggenton | Financial Aid

Chasity McCartney | Bursar

Alex Goberman | Graduate College

April Smucker | Campus Construction


Sheri Thomas | Information Technology Services

Joel Arakaki | Information Technology Services

Mike Hachtel | Information Technology Services

Adam Petrea | Information Technology Services

Business Relationship Methodology

Comprised of VP-area department leadership and split into 15 separate groups, these (monthly or quarterly) meetings focus on building and increasing collaboration between ITS and functional/business offices across campus. Topics include: functional office interests, current project and ticket reviews, new or upcoming project/initiatives discussion, technical migration calendars and reviews of highlighted projects.  

Controller's Office

Academic Operations


HR/Payroll/SES/Career Center

Business Operations

Campus Operations/Campus Construction

Public Safety

Student Affairs

University Advancement

Marketing and Brand Strategy

Institutional Research


Advising/Undergraduate Education


Graduate College

Software Purchasing Group (SPG)

Comprised of representatives from IT and Purchasing to evaluate new software purchase requests to ensure they observe institutional, state, and federal guidelines. This includes evaluating adherence to BGSU IT security guidelines, amendment section 508 of the United States Workface Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (electronic information accessibly), and General Counsel/Purchasing contract guidelines. The goal of this group is to limit risk to the university while promoting good stewardship of institutional funds.


Jennifer Kaster | Business Operations


Mike Hachtel | Information Technology Services

Erik Evans | Information Technology Services

Sheri Thomas | Information Technology Services

Greg Gilbert | Information Technology Services

Chris Wammes | Information Technology Services

Adam Petrea | Information Technology Services

Heidi Popovitch | Information Technology Services

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