Parent & Family Access to Student Information

Access BGSU

Access BGSU is an application that provides BGSU students with the ability to share their student information with a proxy (parent, guardian, family member, spouse, etc.) of their choice. 

In order for a proxy to receive access, a student (known as a delegator in this process) first has to grant access through their MyBGSU account. 

Having Trouble?
If you do not see the answer to your questions on this page, please review the self-help articles in our Access BGSU Knowledge Base or contact the Information Technology Services for support. 

Sharable Information through Access BGSU

Students (delegators) can choose select the information categories to which each proxy has access.

Proxies with this access will be able to view billing information, payment information and payment options.

Please note: Once live, proxy access to CashNet will be changed to the new Access BGSU method but student access to CashNet will remain the same. Proxies must receive prior authorization from a student to access financial information using this new method.

Proxies with this access will be able to view financial aid and scholarship award information.

Proxies with this access will be able to view classes and grades at the end of the semester and cumulative GPA.

View the holds placed on a student's record for specific services.

A great article written for our Falcon Family Connections Newsletter explains BGSU registration holds

Proxies with this access will be able to view the pending items on the student's "To Do" list generated by the institution.


  • Delegation – The act of granting access to another person.
  • Delegator – The Student; the person who grants access to another person.
  • Proxy – The person who is granted access.

How to Get Access

Students can give as many people they would like access to the five information categories through the Access BG Delegation Process. In order to do this, they must log in to MyBGSU and give each person access individually. 

Important information:

  • When you give someone access, you will have to accept the Terms & Conditions. Doing this means you are agreeing to the electronic FERPA and covers sharing student information with an authorized proxy in Access BG only and relates to just the 5 transactions supported by the tool. 
  • Students may be asked to sign other agreements to allow advisors or other University representatives to discuss the student's information outside of Access BGSU.​​​​​​​
  • Students will need an email address for each individual (proxy) they want to give access to. If the email is typed wrong, it cannot be changed later. The student will need to delete all access and start over again to grant access to the correct email address.

Confirming Access to Student Information

You (the proxy) will not receive access to a student's information until a student has completed the delegation process in MyBGSU. Once you have been given access, you must:

  • Accept the delegation request sent to the email address the student provided.
  • Create an account.
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Once your account is created, you will be able to review the information the student gave you access to through Access BGSU.

Logging in to Access BGSU

After you (the proxy) have accepted delegated access and you have created your account, you can log in to Access BGSU at any time to review the details the student has granted you access to. 

A laptop or desktop computer are the only two devices you can use to log in to Access BGSU. If you are having trouble logging in, please make sure you aren't using an unsupported device, system and browser.


  • Smart Phones
  • iPads & Tablets


  • Windows XP and earlier
  • Mac OS 10.6 and earlier


  • Microsoft edge
  • Out of date browsers

Please note: Information on this page is subject to change.

Updated: 05/28/2024 01:19PM