Compromised Accounts...Next Steps

What is a Compromised Account?

An account is compromised when the username and password are known by an unauthorized individual or group of individuals.  Compromised accounts are used by attackers to obtain sensitive information, steal paychecks or financial aid refunds, or to send spam.  The BGSU Information Security Office takes all compromised accounts very seriously.

Think your account may have been compromised?  Follow these procedures to secure your BGSU account:

Change your BGSU Password

  1. Immediately log into MyBGSU and change your password by selecting IT Service Desk from the top navigation followed by BGSU Password Management from the left navigation menu. Check out our Password Tips webpage for suggestions on creating a strong password.
  2. Contact  Information Technology Services and ask to speak with the Information Security Office to discuss how to best respond if any sensitive information may have been exposed.

Use Two Factor Authentication

All BGSU account holders use Two Factor Authentication. Two Factor Authentication provides an extra layer of protection for several BGSU services. For more information visit

Update and Scan

Make sure your mobile device or computer is running the latest version of its operating system.  Commonly known software bugs are fixed in these updates and help protect your computer or mobile device from attacks.

Install a brand name anti-virus product on your computer.  Schedule the program to run on a daily/weekly basis.  Also, be sure to keep the virus definition file updated. This file will have a list of all known computer viruses/malware and will help to keep you protected.  

Security Suggestions

The BGSU Information Security Team strongly recommends not using untrusted apps to access email on your mobile devices.  Some examples of these apps are listed below.  We do not recommend using these apps because their design allows them to capture your username and password.

  • My Mail
  • Spark
  • Newton

In lieu of these apps, we recommend using the Outlook app to access BGSU email.  Built-in mail apps on mobile devices are also safe to use, if preferred. 

Password manager applications provide a safe way to store passwords.  The applications help the user organize and create strong passwords, encrypt passwords, allow users to access them from any device, and use Two Factor Authentication.

Learn more about password managers, including free and top-rated password managers on our Password Tips webpage

Updated: 06/27/2023 03:45PM