ITS Registration Tips

When registering for classes, follow these steps to success!

1. Clear your cache prior to accessing registration

2. Only click each link one time & allow at least 20 seconds for things to load

Using Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder Video Tutorial

Schedule Builder Infographic

Schedule Builder makes it much easier to find the classes you need AND to enroll in those courses. To access Schedule Builder start by logging into and select Schedule Builder under Tools on the main landing page.  Select semester by clicking on the arrow in the dropdown menu. Select the EDIT option to open the window to set filters. Choose the course you would like to add here and select the ADD button. You can select a time range for breaks in your schedule like for when you may be unavailable and schedule builder will not pick courses scheduled during those times. Once you like the schedule, select ADD TO CART. You can select import to import enrollment or your shopping cart. Once finished, select build.

For more information on registration visit  

Updated: 05/11/2021 01:11PM