Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Student IT Questions

You can reset your BGSU password in the MyBGSU portal by selecting IT Service Desk from the top navigation menu, followed by Change Password. If you do not know your old password or become locked out of your BGSU account, you must call the ITS service desk for assistance. Password resets cannot be performed via chat.

BGSU offers a selection of software for students to use for free. Popular software includes Microsoft Office 365, CanvasZoom and Respondus Lockdown Browser. For a full list of BGSU resources, visit our Student Resources webpage. 

Student Resources Webpage

A variety of software is also available in BGSU labs.  

View Lab Software

ITS is a licensed Apple/Dell repair center and provides both warranty and non-warranty  assistance. We also provide troubleshooting assistance for ALL laptops and desktop devices and can conduct Windows refreshes and device reformats for personal devices. 

Warranty service is provided at no charge; out-of-warranty equipment charges are handled through the BG1 Card.

View Hardware Diagnostic/Repair Fees

BGSU students should connect to the BGSU Wi-Fi via the eduroam network. eduroam allows users from participating academic institutions to securely access the internet at any other eduroam participating location using their home institution's email address and password. 

Students wishing to connect Smart TVs, gaming devices, and/or streaming devices to the BGSU  network can do so using the BGSU-IoT network. 

Connection instructions and information are available at

BGSU Wi-Fi Information

BGSU utilizes Two Factor Authentication powered by Duo to protects students’ sensitive information. In order to access data protected by Two Factor Authentication, users must clearly identify themselves using two different methods of identification - their BGSU password and a SECOND unique identifier (Duo). Duo-protected services include BGSU email, Canvas, the MyBGSU portal and more. 

Each year, ITS works with the Ziggabyte® technology store at Falcon Outfitters in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union (BTSU) and various BGSU academic departments to put together a Student Technology Guide to help ensure that students have the right device. 

BGSU does not have a University-wide computer purchase requirement, so expectations related to technology can vary significantly based upon the academic program and what is prevalent in that field. The Student Technology Guide is designed to support academic success by providing BGSU students with technology recommendations based upon their major course of study.

College and academic programs have helped to make it easier for students to learn about the technical specifications, software, and accessories appropriate for each academic discipline. In addition, Ziggabyte® and ITS have provided helpful information about using technology and related services offered at BGSU.

View the Student Technology Guide

Students must have funds available in the BG Bucks account of their BG1 Card in order to print. Visit the BG1Card office site to learn how to load funds to your account by reviewing the different Deposit Options and/or watching the BG1 Card office's video tutorials here.

Learn More About Printing Costs

BGSU students can print from their personal devices directly to BGSU printers using our Student Printing service. Instructions for setting up your device for Student Printing are available in our Knowledge Base

BGSU Student Printing Service

Printing from a lab computer directly to a lab printer is simple. Follow these instructions to print from a lab computer. 

Information Technology Services (ITS) is available to help you with technology during your time as a BGSU student. Contact our service desk by calling 419-372-0999 or chat with us at   

ITS Hours of Operation

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