ITS FY23 Expectations

The reduction of ITS staff since COVID started, along with reductions in staff in many of our partner departments, means:

ITS standard operating procedure is

1. “Reasonable and Best Effort”

As a result of the reduced staffing levels across the university and continued supply chain challenges, we cannot make commitments or promises for the delivery of projects and services.  ITS will maintain a service level of “reasonable and best effort,” using resources to deliver your requests or resolve priority issues as they become available.

2. Focus on University-Wide Solutions

We will focus our current resources on technology used University-wide while eliminating duplicate, outdated and unsupported, and high-effort/low-return applications and systems.  We may not be able to assume support for new or previously unsupported technology that is specific to a department or college.

3. Continued Delays – Please Plan Ahead

ITS continues to see shipping delays for a wide range of technology components.  PLEASE plan as far ahead as possible and provide as much advance notice for non-emergency requests.  ITS typically cannot provide an immediate response for non-emergency requests.

4. ITS Priorities

We will focus on the university’s IT Strategic Plan.

5. Suggestions

What are your suggestions to help us reduce IT costs or improve efficiency?

Updated: 10/31/2022 11:28AM