Project Request FAQ


Why is the ITS Project Request Form important?



The ITS Project Request Form provides important information regarding the who, what, when, and why for the request. Without that information, a decision regarding the approval and relative priority of the project/work cannot be made.


Why is the Project Request Form required for a project where the effort is over 80 hours or $8,000?



ITS manages many different types of projects for the BGSU campus. Unlike the Applications Development Area, most areas within ITS are not designing, developing, and deploying applications. For the area that does not require a historical record for small projects, the 80 hour/$8,000 rule is valid. For application development efforts, the historical record is important for all projects.


Why is a Project Request Form that takes an hour to fill out being required for a project that will take less than 10 hours of effort to complete?



We are asking the requestors of Application Development projects to provide a set of functional specifications (documentation) before development work begins.  Much of the information on the Project Request form can be directly applied to the functional specification.  The effort put into filling out the Project Request Form will reduce the effort required for creating the functional specification.


Why is ITS using the Project Management processes?



Almost all of the work done within ITS is project based.  Utilizing a Project Management standard improves communication, organization, and the success of the project.  Additionally, Project Management standards reduce wasted effort on ITS projects by minimizing efforts that do not result in the successfully deliver of what the requester needs.


I still do not know when to fill out a Project Request Form.



ITS encourages open communications.  Please feel free to engage any ITS staff member for direction or with questions regarding the Project Request Form.  ITS will be happy to assist with the completion of a Project Request Form.
















Updated: 04/24/2018 01:31PM