Tools for Success

1. Configure Your Workspace

Laptops are the standard issued device for BGSU faculty and staff. Work with your supervisor to ensure your selected University-owned device is appropriate for your job duties and your remote work environment. ITS' recommended setup is a laptop plus one monitor with a dock and wireless keyboard/mouse. This provides faculty/staff with the convenience of a laptop, while still enjoying a setup similar to a desktop when the laptop is plugged into the dock.

View Workspace Setup Options

In addition to a computer, a microphone and/or headset may also be beneficial for your remote workspace. Many devices have built-in microphones and speakers, but some users may prefer to use an external device such as a USB or Bluetooth headset or microphone.

Please test the functionality of these devices in advance as you are able. If you do not have equipment at home to meet these standards, please consult with your supervisor.

Device & Accessory Purchasing Guidelines

For increased mobility, ITS suggests installing "backup" apps on your mobile device, such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Zoom, etc. This can be helpful should your primary device become unavailable, you would still have access to several applications needed to perform your work in your remote setting.


2. Ensure Adequate Network Connection wifi

A strong and reliable internet connection is a top priority for working and teaching from a remote environment. For adequate connectivity, ITS suggests a minimum internet speed of 20 Mbps but recommends speeds of 50 Mbps or more. In addition to this recommendation, ITS maintains a webpage of information and resources to help ensure you are getting the most out of your connection.


3. Connect Using BGSU VPN

The BGSU Virtual Private Network (VPN) is powered by Pulse Secure and allows users to securely access resources on the BGSU network while off-campus. VPN allows users in remote environments to connect to secure websites, BGSU file shares and on-campus only software.

ITS provides all faculty and staff affiliated employees with a VPN account that can be accessed using their BGSU credentials.

First, confirm Pulse Secure is installed on your University-owned device. If it is not, contact ITS for installation assistance. To connect to the BGSU VPN on your University-owned device while off-campus, follow these instructions.

Please keep these VPN Best Practices in mind when remotely connecting to the BGSU network.


4. Take Advantage of Available Resources

BGSU offers a variety of software to faculty and staff to help them efficiently and effectively do their jobs.

Utilize remote meeting tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom to assist with online instruction, business meetings and general communication. 

Install Microsoft Office on up to five devices (including your University-owned device) which includes cloud file storage via OneDrive. Collaborate on documents using SharePoint.

Manage course content, quizzes and communication using the Canvas LMS. View our Canvas Tips for helpful technical resources and contact the Center for Faculty Excellence for teaching and learning support.


Where to Get Tech Help

The IT service catalog serves as a centralized location for all IT services offered to the BGSU community and is made up of information regarding services offered and electronic request forms. Services that may assist you with your remote teaching/learning experience include Cisco Jabber (Softphone) Support, Office Device Software Installation, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams Assistance, Electronic Signature Accounts, University Device Requests and Employee Device Upgrades, and more.

Search our Knowledge Base for self-help articles, tutorials and information about BGSU technology. Popular topics include BGSU Account and Email Assistance, Canvas Support, Respondus Lockdown Browser, and more.

If your questions cannot be answered by consulting our electronic Service Catalog or Knowledge base, please reach out to our service desk via phone or online chat for assistance. Our experienced technicians are available to offer virtual support and can even remotely access your device for troubleshooting.

Bookmark the ITS Reported Issues website to stay up-to-date on BGSU application updates and maintenance, as well as any reported service disruptions or issues.



Additional Resources

If you are not accustomed to working or teaching remotely, it can be an adjustment. Please know that ITS is here to help you with that transition and ensure you are setup for optimal productivity. In addition to the information outlined above, we suggest taking advantage of our Security Tips for Remote Work Environments webpage.

Updated: 05/16/2024 04:31PM