Project Evaluation Request

A Project Evaluation Request is the starting point for requesting new enhancements, projects that require IT resources, or audits where information is needed from ITS. Depending on the nature of the work requested, there may be several levels of approval required in order to complete this request (for additional information, see our Project Governance Process webpage). As a best practice, if the nature of the request involves resources from other departments or divisions, please contact them in advance of submitting the request to ensure all stakeholders have been informed.

To get started, complete the Project Evaluation Request form. After reviewing your request, ITS team will contact you to explain the remainder of the process.

IT Enhancement

An enhancement is any product change or update that increases software or hardware capabilities beyond the original client specification. Enhancements allow existing software and hardware product performance scalability. 

In general, product enhancements include: additional functionality, greater processing speed and better cross-platform compatibility. 

IT Enhancements generally have a flexible deadline, budget of less than $8,000 and require less than 80 hours of work.

Please note: As part of the evaluation process, IT Enhancements are subject to approval.

IT Project

An IT Project is a project request that falls under any one of the following criteria as determined by the IT System Analyst:

  • If there is not an existing IT service in place for your request, or if your request does not conform to the current IT Service in place.
  • A project is a deliverable that has a total work effort of the IT staff totaling more than 80 hours.
  • Projects with a total budget exceeding $8,000.
  • Has a firm deadline for completion.

Please note: As part of the evaluation process, IT Projects are subject to review and approval by the Executive Sponsors.

These descriptions are a benchmark for classifying a change as an Enhancement or Project.  There are instances where a smaller body of work will be classified as a Project if determined necessary; such as NSSE Survey in Canvas – it was a smaller body of ITS development work, but would be seen by all students & AEM Upgrades – impacts University wide communications sent by Marketing & Brand Strategy.

Updated: 09/15/2023 04:39PM