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BGSU Fluid Student Center – Parent and Family Contacts for Communications

Beginning during the 2020 Fall Semester, BGSU students will have the ability to provide and update parent and family contact information within their MyBGSU Student Center portal. These changes will allow parents and families to receive communications throughout the year regarding academic information, health and safety updates, and campus events and activities as an effort to keep them informed and involved in their student's journey at BGSU.

A screenshot of the new feature is below, and is accessible by navigating to MyBGSU>Home>Student Center>Profile:

Parent and Family Contacts Form


Add a Contact

Students can modify, add, and remove the parent and family contacts that they wish to receive communications from BGSU.


The primary benefit of this change is providing a mechanism for students to make changes to their account contacts. These family members will receive communications as they are added to a student’s contact list, while those that are removed will no longer receive communications.

As development progresses, the parent and family will have the ability to control which communications they wish to receive based on preference.

Future Subscription Options

  • Academics
  • Critical Communication
  • Campus Activities
  • Residence Life

Additional Types of Communication Contacts Can Elect to Receive

  • Alumni News & Events
  • Athletics
  • Campus Update
  • Construction Updates
  • Parking
  • Recreation & Wellness
  • Rogers Report
  • The Arts
  • Zoom News

The advantages of a clean mailing list will expand further as the Subscription Center becomes available to family contacts by helping to assure the University that they are sending communications family members need and want to see, as well as allowing the community to opt-out if they desire.

Keeping our students and their families up to date regarding important campus news, events, and other information is just one of the many ways BGSU can keep our community safe and informed while helping to ensure academic and life success for our students.