Travel to High Risk Countries

International travel involves inherent risks and travelers should take extreme caution when planning their trip. Travel to high risk countries requires special consideration and preparation.

We recommend traveling with the minimum needed to get your work done while you are away. Use this page for guidelines on traveling with devices to high risk countries.  

It is highly recommends that travelers to high risk countries contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 several weeks in advance of their trip to obtain a clean laptop for travel, and that they leave behind all other devices.


Go Without

We strongly recommend that you leave your current devices  behind when traveling to high risk countries.

Travel Light

If you must bring a device with you, please request a BGSU-provided travel laptop. Use this laptop instead of your current university-owned device; it will allow you to manage email, view your calendar, run presentations, edit documents, and connect to university websites. The devices are set up specifically for your use and wiped back to factory settings when you return.

Travel Encrypted

If you must travel with your own laptop, it is recommended that you do the following before you go:

Upon your return, ITS requires that your device be wiped and re-provisioned prior to being permitted access to the university network. For your convenience, please contact ITS to schedule your reimaging appointment before you travel.

Mobile Devices

Go Without

The first thing to consider is whether you really need a mobile phone. Are you going to make calls? Can you get by with a Wi-Fi-only device like and iPad, your laptop, or the hotel-provided phone? If yes, leave your mobile device behind. 

Get It There

If you have determined that a mobile phone is a necessity, rather than bringing your personal mobile device, get one there. This could be a loaner phone borrowed in the country, an unlocked phone with a local SIM card, or a phone you buy/rent at the airport or hotel when you arrive.

Have a Plan

If you must use your own phone:

  • Back it up before you leave,
  • Enroll in an international rate plan to avoid hefty roaming charges, and
  • Save your data, reset to factory defaults, and restore your backup when you return.

Updated: 07/06/2021 10:42AM