Falcon Raiser's Edge Database (FRED)

What is FRED?

FRED is the acronym for the Falcon Raiser's Edge Database program, which encompasses the four projects involved in the implementation of Blackbaud NXT:

  • Best-in-class resources for University Advancement. Aligns BGSU with the nation’s top fundraising universities and the resources those shops demand.​

  • Ease of Access. Cloud-based system, hosted by Blackbaud, reduces ITS resource needs for daily backups, product updates and upgrades all managed by Blackbaud.​

  • More and better data management. Data analytics, fields and functions are substantial improvements, and much more sophisticated than Agilon.​

  • Productivity Increase. Expansive ecosystem will increase productivity of fundraisers and other users, offering better KPI and metrics tracking, and more accurate forecasting. Expands the scope of donor and alumni engagement and stewardship activity, allowing for more efficient donor retention and acquisition decisions. ​

  • Stronger tools for fundraising. More functionality to apply to revenue-generation and relationship-enhancing efforts, and user-friendly and intuitive reporting/dashboard tools for frontline users.

  • Increased integration with Athletics and other departments. Streamlines alumni, email and event systems linkages with Paciolan and other systems. Blackbaud NetCommunity provides tools for email, online donation, and event registration, as well as a constituent portal. Eliminates redundancies and staff hours in daily processes across several business units and allows University Advancement to leverage OnBase application. ​

  • Stronger Reporting tools. Best in class built-in reporting and analytical tools that require less custom reporting development and reliance on IT resources. ​

  • Better accounting interface. Real-time expense tracking, powerful and accurate financial reporting and analysis, that monitors program success with enhanced transparency, stewardship, and compliance.


The calendar below includes general stakeholder update and feedback meetings as well as brown bag lunches and other events.


Members of the NXT implementation team are to complete Blackbaud training by April 30, 2021. These courses will give users the insight and skills needed to provide relevant feedback on tranisitioning from Agilon to Blackbaud. 


Project Name Progress Status Start End May '21 Jun '21 Jul '21 Aug '21 Sep '21 Oct '21 Nov '21 Dec '21 Jan '22 Feb '22 Mar '22 Apr '22 May '22 Jun '22 Jul '22 Aug '22 Sep '22 Oct '22 Nov '22 Dec '22
Raiser's Edge NXT (PM Michelle S.)
Data Conversion Export & Data Dictionary  100% On Schedule 3/1/21 3/15/21
Project Team Training 100% On Schedule 4/1/21 4/30/21
Data Mapping (TRO) 100% On Schedule 5/25/21 8/26/21
Design Sessions & Business Process Review 95% On Schedule 5/25/21 8/18/21
Data Validation (TR1) 100% On Schedule 8/30/21 12/8/21
Report Review & Build 20% On Schedule 9/23/21 7/22/22
Interface Design & Build  25% On Schedule 10/1/21 7/22/22
Test Run 2 Build 75% On Schedule 11/23/21 2/23/22
Omatic Cloud Implementation  20% On Schedule 2/2/22 4/12/22
Validation & Security (TR2) 5% On Schedule 2/16/22 4/12/22
User Acceptance Training 0% On Schedule 3/30/22 7/5/22
Deployment Plan 10% On Schedule 6/17/22 6/24/22
End User Training 0% On Schedule 5/17/22 7/6/22
Final Run Conversion 0% On Schedule 6/29/22 7/18/22
Solution Deployment and Post Support 0% On Schedule 7/5/22 8/16/22

Updated: 02/25/2022 01:25PM