BGSU Police


The BGSU Police Department, located in 100 College Park Office Building, provides the campus with 24-hour police protection by a fully certified staff of police officers, detectives, and dispatchers. The department supports the University's core values and continually seeks ways to improve the quality of service the campus receives by working in partnership with students, faculty, and staff to enforce the law, provide quality services, reduce the fear of crime, and promote joint problem-solving. The BGSU Police Department actively investigates problems and incidents and search for positive solutions to support a sense of security throughout the campus. BGSU maintains an open campus environment and encourages the community to participate in activities that are open to the public. However, the University reserves the right to restrict unauthorized persons from its grounds when appropriate.

The police department is staffed by 25 full-time police officers who have full police authority, meet all state law enforcement standards, and are state certified. The Ohio Revised Code (Section 3345.04) grants the University authority to designate employees as police officers who take an oath to uphold the rules of the institution and laws of the state. The department provides law enforcement and security, campus escort service, motorist assistance, educational programs, and crime prevention information for the campus community.

Uniformed officers patrol the campus using marked police cars, bicycles, and foot patrols and are empowered to arrest any offender and bring that person before the local court system for judgment. Likewise, the Office of Student Life is responsible for on-campus disciplinary proceedings. The BGSU Police Department and the Office of Student Life work collaboratively to resolve incidents of student misconduct that involve University policy and procedures.

The BGSU Police Department encourages accurate and prompt reporting of all crime. The BGSU Police investigate incidents of a criminal nature and initiate, before a court of law, any required legal action. If needed, immediate assistance is available from Bowling Green City Police, Wood County Sheriff's Department, Ohio State Patrol, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The BGSU Police Department has a mutual aid agreement with the Bowling Green City Police.  It has joint mutual aid agreements with all other state university police departments in Ohio, and with law enforcement agencies in NW Ohio.

In addition to the sworn police officers, the BGSU Police Department employs a student safety services staff that provides services for the University community. Campus Service Officers do not have statutory arrest powers, but work to assist police with security matters and service tasks.