Support Services for Faculty

Faculty members are expected to use the Canvas learning management system. Several different dates and times are available to be trained in the use of Canvas.

Canvas Training

See your Department/School secretary for information on individual mailboxes, mail pick-up and delivery times, as well as package pick-up and delivery information.

Your Department/School secretary can help you obtain room and computer cabinet keys. You will be given a blue authorization card after a key request has been made. Take this to BGSU Facilities Services (816 East Poe Road) to pick up your key(s). Key(s) must be picked up within two weeks.

A BGSU email account is a free account available to all current and admitted BGSU students, faculty and staff. With your account, you will have access to your email, contacts and calendar on the BGSU’s Exchange sever. As a member of the BGSU community, you will also need this account to get access to various online resources, including the MyBGSU web portal, MyFiles and ePortfolio. Your BGSU User ID and password are also called your Authentication User ID and password. If you have a BGSU ID number and a computer with Internet access, you can register for a BGSU account using a current version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

After you complete the registration process, your BGSU email account will be functional in approximately one hour. The eLearning resources, such as Canvas, should be available at the same time. If you need help, please contact ITS (419-372-0999) and a staff member will assist you.

If you wish to have an ID, go to the Department/School secretary to fill out the necessary forms. Then, go to BG1 Plus in the Bowen Thompson Student Union to have your picture taken and your ID created.

You may register for your parking pass through MyBGSU under “Manage Parking Account.”

As an adjunct faculty member teaching an online course for BGSU, there are several resources available to simplify the transition from traditional face-to-face learning to a virtual learning environment. Be sure to confirm with the Department Chair/School Director that the course being assigned for online delivery has been approved through the BGSU online course approval process.

Visit this page for details about getting started in the online teaching & learning space.

Visit this page for details about applications to assist with working, teaching, and learning remotely.

Work with your Program Coordinator to gain access to classes previously taught using distance platforms.

Advising Online Students
Students in the virtual environment require ongoing support for learning. Instructors who are facilitating a web-based learning environment for the first time may need to seek additional information about BGSU online programs and resources for support.

Online student resources for technical and academic support are located here.

The William T. Jerome library is home to numerous resources for faculty staff and students.

Remote access to BGSU Library Resources
Faculty SupportStudent Support

College of Health and Human Services
James Ciesla
Dean 419-372-8243
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Kim Traver Chair 419-372-7185
Department of Human Services
Beth Sanders
Chair 419-372-9930
Department of Public and Allied Health
Mary-Jon Ludy
Chair 419-372-6461
School of Nursing
Shelly Bussard
Director 419-372-0935
School of Physical Therapy
Stephanie Thurmond
Director 419-372-6331

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