Instructional Policies

Please refer to this document for specific details on all instruction related matters.

BGSU's Academic Charter

Consistent attendance is essential to a high quality educational experience. Faculty members are responsible for keeping accurate attendance records.

  1. Contact your Program Coordinator to identify any required textbooks.
  2. Work with your area’s department secretary re-grading textbook ordering. You can also find information here.


The Registrar’s website provides information on posting grades, incomplete grade policy information, and other grading related information as well as tutorials.

Note: No graded or ungraded work is to be left outside of offices or classrooms

Students have a right to appeal decisions on grades. The student should first contact the instructor from whom the grade was received.

If the dispute cannot be resolved at this level then the student should submit an appeal in writing to the department chair. Each department, school, or college has an academic arbitration board. Requesting a hearing with this board is the next step if the matter is not resolved at the department level. However, the sole responsibility and authority for determining grades rests with the faculty member who assigned the grade. This appeals procedure also may be used if a student believes an opportunity should be provided to make up work missed during absence from classes.

For grades received during fall semester, the grade appeals procedure must be started by the end of the fifth week of the spring semester. For grades received during the spring semester or during the summer session, it must be started by the end of the fifth week of fall semester. All actions for grade changes must be completed during the semester in which the grade is appealed. Grade and absence grievances may not be appealed beyond the college level.

Accessibility Services is located at the College Park Office Building. In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act and applicable rules of the Department of Education, the mission of Accessibility Services is to provide equal access and opportunity to qualified students with disabilities. Our goal is to increase awareness of disability issues and provide opportunities for students with disabilities to fully integrate into the BGSU community.

All students must be made aware of this office. Contact: 419-372-8495

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