Employment Procedures

Here is a list of paperwork that needs to be submitted:

  • Letter of application
  • Resume
  • Two original letters of recommendation (dated within 1 year). Electronic PDFs are acceptable.
  • Official transcripts indicating highest degree
  • All potential employees will have to submit to a background check prior to being hired. Additional paperwork is done once a job offer has been extended.
  • I-9 form – Log into this website. The employer code is 21002. Documents acceptable for this purpose are
    listed here.
  • New employee data form
  • Drug abuse/sexual harassment form
  • STRS new hire notification form
  • Social Security form
  • Payroll forms (W4, IT4, Direct Deposit)

The MyBGSU web portal offers a wide variety of information and access to course-related tools. Some examples of tools available through this portal are:

  • University Email
  • Calendar
  • Address Book
  • Faculty Services
  • Payroll Information
  • Password Management
  • Employment Forms
  • Campus Updates
  • Canvas Access
  • International and Local News
  • Change of Name or Address
  • College Closure

All faculty get paid on the 20th of the month.

See your respective department secretary regarding your designated office space. You may be asked to share office space with another adjunct faculty member.

All faculty are expected to designate a period of time each week when they are available to meet with students (it can be immediately before/after class or electronically on non-teaching days).

Updated: 04/29/2022 08:55AM