Housing Options



Centennial Hall

Centrally located on campus, Centennial Hall has the capacity to house over 650 students in air-conditioned double rooms with private bathrooms. This hall is co-ed throughout the building and is for first-year students only. Centennial shares a courtyard with Kohl Hall and is steps away from Carillon Place dining center which hosts all-you-care-to-eat meal plans.

Conklin North

Conklin North is home to nearly 250 students. BGSU sororities will occupy a large portion of Housing is being built.  Conklin North is near the middle of campus, has air conditioning and is in close proximity to both Harshman and Kreischer Quadrangles, the Sundial Dining Center and Jerome Library.

Falcon Heights

Falcon Heights has the capacity to house nearly 650 upperclass (and transfers) in air-conditioned double- and single-room suites with private bathrooms. Typically 4 students share a suite. This building is located near many math and science buildings and is a short walk to the Student Union. Many residents dine at The Oaks dining center which hosts all-you-care-to-eat meal plans.

Founders Hall

Founders Hall houses nearly 600 residents and is the  home of the Honors Learning Community (HLC). Freshmen are eligible to live in Founders if they are part of the HLC. Founders offers six-person and two-person suites with air-conditioned double and single rooms, as well as private bathrooms. Gender Neutral housing is also available in Founders on a limited basis. The hall features an Outtakes Quick Cuisine location and is close to the Student Union, many academic buildings and the heart of campus.

Harshman Quadrangle

Harshman Quadrangle currently has two halls open: Anderson and Bromfield. It's a short walk to the Sundial Food Court across the Alumni Mall, a large courtyard area accompanied by outdoor basketball courts.  The Rec. Center, intramural fields and athletic complexes are nearby as well as many local businesses.

Kohl Hall

Kohl Hall houses over 300 students in double occupancy rooms.  Kohl is centrally located on campus and is right next door to the Carillon Dining Center. Kohl hosts several learning communities including, Chapman Learning Community, the Global Village, La Comunidad, and La Maison Française (starting Fall 2014).  Kohl Hall residents are encouraged to participate in one of the communities.

Kreischer Quadrangle

Kreischer Quadrangle consists of four residence halls: Ashley, Batchelder, Compton, and Darrow. Kreischer features the Sundial Food Court along with the Alumni Mall, a large courtyard area accompanied by outdoor basketball courts.  The Rec. Center, intramural fields and athletic complexes are nearby. The Arts Village learning community is housed in Kreischer Compton and the Music Community is located in Batchelder.  

McDonald Hall

Recently renovated McDonald Hall is close to the Student Union and many academic buildings. The courtyard features The Oaks dining center which host all-you-care-to-eat style of dining. Members of the ARMY ROTC, the Aviation Community, the Educators in Context and Community (ECCO), the Construction Management Theme Community, and the SEARCH Community also live in McDonald.

Offenhauer Towers

The Offenhauer Towers house over 800 students in double and single rooms with air conditioning. The rooms are some of the largest on campus. Offenhauer features Outtakes Quick Cuisine in the lobby. Members of the Natural and Health Science Residential Community live in Offenhauer West. The Offenhauer Towers are the two tallest buildings on campus at ten and eleven stories. Prioritiy is given to returning students but freshmen are welcome.

Fraternity and Sorority Residences

New Greek housing will be opening on campus for the fall 2016 semester. Many Greek chapters will be living in groups within the residence halls while construction of the Greek Village is taking place.  Fraternities are living in Falcon Heights and sororities are living in Conklin North.  Some small group living units will continue to house additional chapters away from central campus.