Not in Our Town

Not In Our Town Peace March rescheduled

Due to the inclement weather predicted for Thursday, Oct. 20, the Not In Our Town Peace March has been rescheduled for noon on Thursday, Nov. 17. However, the NIOT Celebration will still take place as planned, at 4 p.m. Oct. 20 in the Falcon’s Nest at the Bowen-Thompson Student Union. Join faculty, staff, students and community members, along with BGSU and civic leaders, as we confirm our joint commitment to inclusion, diversity and making our campus and city community a safe and welcoming place for all.

The rescheduled Peace March will now be part of Build Our Best BG Week, Nov. 14-18. Stay tuned for details.

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BGSU and the City of Bowling Green join together to affirm their commitment to social justice, equity and inclusion as well as embrace and celebrate diversity. In joining together, we both have adopted the “Not In Our Town” slogan and agreed to be a part of the Not In Our Town movement.

Not In Our Town was launched in 1995, and grew as a result of a PBS documentary that highlighted the efforts of Billings, Montana citizens who stood up for their neighbors after a series of hate crimes. Today, the Not In Our Town campaign has catalyzed a diverse grassroots movement that has inspired hundreds of communities in the United States and around the world to take action against hate.

Not In Our Town’s mission is to guide, support and inspire people and communities to work together to stop hate and build safe, inclusive environments for all. BGSU and the City of Bowling Green are committed to the goals and ideals of this effort.

We encourage all members of the BGSU and City of Bowling Green communities to join us in taking the Not In Our Town Pledge today and becoming involved in this effort!

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Bowling Green State University Core Values

  • Respect for one another
  • Collaboration
  • Intellectual and personal growth
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Pursuit of excellence

Live, learn, and build community without these values? Not In Our Town.

Not In Our Town helps inspire, empower, and connect individuals and groups working together to counter hate, both online and on the ground.

Meet the NIOT BG Co-Chairs, (l - r) LaTasha Sullivan, BGSU Co-Chair, President Mary Ellen Mazey, Leslie M. Galan, BGSU Co-Chair, Rev. Gary Saunders, BG Co-Chair.