Course Numbers

All course numbers carry 6 semester credit hours.

(For undergraduate geology majors)

GEOL 4940 - Field Geology. Summer only. Principles and practices of field geology and geologic mapping. Final map and report required. Prerequisites: grade of C or better in both GEOL 3090 and GEOL 3160 or consent of instructor. Extra fee.   

(For undergraduate education majors)

GEOL 4930 - Field Experience. Summer only. Recognition and study of geologic materials, structures and landforms in the field. Written report required. Not open to B.S. geology majors. Prerequisites: GEOL 1040 and GEOL 1050, or GEOL 3040, or consent of instructor. Extra fee.

(For graduate students)

GEOL 6930 - Advanced Field Geology. Summer only. Utilization of field techniques to construct geologic maps, structure sections, and stratigraphic sections of specific regions. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Extra fee.